The role that human beings have towards their fellows on humanitarian grounds

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1 Betts believes that in order to protect these displaced people effectively, they must be equipped with much-needed residential areas. As required by ethics, countries and citizens from all over the world must come together and share the costs of caring for this community of people.
According to Betts, every abled person has a duty to support those in need on humanitarian grounds. Refugees are one of the groups that need assistance and protection from the harsh conditions from which they are escaping. In this situation, everybody should come forward and provide whatever assistance these people can need in order to improve their safety.
According to Betts, determination of a country’s prestigious status is through its ability to hold many new expatriates and other disadvantaged people without causing much harm to its citizens and other refugees already accommodated within its boundaries. The statement means that a country must actively participate in the global refugee regime and offer its support to the efforts made by international bodies.
In conclusion, every society must be ready and willing to help the refugees at their time of need. These nations must make early preparations for any eventuality and remain steadfast. Only strong collaborations with interested parties can help the refugees to overcome their misery and other challenges they encounter.

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