The Role of the Federal Government in The War on Terrorism

Multiple terror attacks in America

Multiple terror attacks in America have sparked a lot of fear, hatred, and distress. The United States declared a “war on terrorism” as a reaction to these attacks and with an aim of eliminating terrorism networks which was becoming globally widespread. The aspects of global political issues have been significantly changed by The War on Terror. Old conventions and traditions, for example, the regard for state sovereignty and the formal uniformity of states have been hampered. As a result of this, the government has had more power than the states because it puts in place all the anti-terror laws that are deliberated to safeguard the citizens. Nonetheless, the war has sparked tension between the powers of the federal government and the sovereignty of the states.

The relationship between the federal government and the states

The relationship between the federal government and the states has evolved over time since its founding. The changes have been largely influenced by various historical events, political and individual policies and the war on terror. The constant changes have expanded the roles of the government hence its resilience. The Founders would not be pleased with the shift at all, they had an intention of making the states to have more governing power and the federal government to become smaller.

Control of the Federal government

The Federal government has been largely controlled by the elite community and its powers on most governing issues have been expanded going against the intention of the founders. The founders anticipated that states themselves will turn out to be more independent and brought together on the grounds that popular governments are led by the individual citizens, who are substantially more liable to need to profit by exchanging with other states as opposed to proclaiming war against them.


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