The Road to 9/11 and what is Terrorism

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Lesson One: The 9/11 Road and What Terrorism Is
P1. Q1. The two western countries which dominated the Middle East after WWII were Britain and France.
P2. Q2. Many countries that gained independence in the years after World War II through the 1960s are some of the long-lasting effects that colonialism has on the Middle East. For example, 1922 Egypt, 1923 Turkey, 1930 Iraq, 1932 Saudi Arabia, 1941 Iran, 1946 Jordan, 1946 Lebanon, 9146 Syria, 1948 Israel, 1951 Libya, 1956 Morocco, 1956 Tunisia, 1961 Kuwait, 1962 Algeria, 1967 Yemen, 1970 Oman, 1971 Bahrain, 1971 Qatar, 1971 United Arab Emirates (UAE), and 1979 Iran (Islamic Revolution).
Q3. Mustafa Kemal Pasha, who led to Ataturk’s reforms that included the emancipation of women as he held that no one can modernize only 50% of the population. He also put an end to Shar’ia law H-56 and led to the acceptance of western dress as he put an end to dressing in religious clothing outside a mosque. In addition, he ended caliphate and started a secular government without a state religionQ4. Secular state with a Muslim people

Q5. The Arab countries were humiliated by their fatalities. Moreover, every Arab ruler was overthrown or killed.Q6. Muslim Brotherhood was established in reaction to European colonialism. Arabs has the need to rule themselves. They felt that bring in infidel ways, approaches and laws were a disloyalty to their heritage, that they had no control over the true faith. Therefore, they needed an action to return their idealized and glorified pastQ7. Irritated men can regulate their women as liberation of women/women working outside the home was an intimidation to the family.Q8. Political antagonists and a common enemy

Q9. Oil is seen as a blessing and curse to nations like Saudi Arabia because the Corrupt, tyrannical autocracies propped up by the U.S. and other allies have bribed the people into a dependency. Wahabism has spread internationally because of oil money financing schools everywhere. Moreover, American presidents have maintained cordial relations with unethical Saudi royals, and the human rights record, particularly regarding women, has been disregarded in courtesy of cheap gas.Q10. Sunni that distorts the tenets of Islam Q11. Bin laden gained prominence through his cruel detractor of the United States and its policies.12. The article is about the efforts of Nelson Mandera as he reacted to exclusion of Blacks from the process of politics. No. There are no modern examples of terrorism that can be viewed differently in the future.Q13. Middle East needs to be accountable by look over its own history. The people have to understand that the outsiders have not always inflicted suffering on the Arab people as tyrannical rules have played a role in this. In case Muslims are fruitful, they may again live in the Middle East, a focal point of culture and progress (Wright 2006).

Works Cited

Wright, Lawrence. The looming tower: Al-Qaeda and the road to 9/11. Alfred a Knopf Incorporated, 2006.

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