The Rite of Spring Performance

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The Rite of Spring is a live performance composed by a Russian man, Igor Stravinsky. The orchestral concert used to be authored and presented in 1913. The intention was to get to the Paris season Ballets Russes Company. Other contributing people for the art were Nicholas Roerich who designed the stage and costumes, and Vaslay Nijinsky who added the original choreography. During the first performance, the nature of the music triggered a great sensation among the audiences. The artwork gained much cognizance from all the fans who almost went into a riot. At the time of composition, the music, structure and the language of most people were French. The Rite of Spring calls for the residents to stick to their traditions.
In the composition of the Rite of Spring, Stravinsky wanted to recreate the ancient times for the people. The aim was to restore the time and nature where people from different tribes gathered to celebrate their relationship. The influence of other nation drained the traditional ways of the people. To achieve the dream, Igor used a book that contained a variety of the folksongs. The songs had roots in their traditional pagan rituals. However, he could not find the traditional instruments, and so the only option was to use the modern. As such, the music and the instruments could not rhyme. It created a strained, weird quality song. To make the song look traditional, he imitated the authentic village sound and the actors resembling the traditional dances. The concert was unique due to its rawness and vitality of the rhythmic elements.

Stravinsky had had success in his previous art. Therefore, many people gathered to witness the performance of the new musical concert. The performance of the Rite of Spring shattered everyone’s expectations. As the curtain pulled up, the audience could hear the opening notes. Suddenly a ruckus broke out in the hall. The bassoon solo was so high that even the people present could not know the instruments they were hearing. As such, when the lights came up, and the dancers seen, the audience began to yell and created a wild shouting. The dancers could hardly hear the music. The auditorium seemed to be in chaos as the musical instruments had high volume and on the other side, the people were shouting. However, the performance did not stop at all. The Rite of Spring and riot were entangled in the live memory event.

When Stravinsky heard the roar of the crowd, he panicked. He ran to the backstage to intervene. However, by the time he reached the wings, everything was in chaos. Stravinsky was not aware that Diaghilev had instructed the conductor to proceed with the play regardless of what happened. Diaghilev had a feeling that the art may cause problems among the audience. Therefore, he was prepared and determined to ensure the message was delivered as intended. However, Stravinsky and Nijinsky had no idea of such occurrence. As such, it was a shock to them when the people started shouting. Nijinsky went on to stand on a chair to look for the audiences’ attention, but all was in vain. He almost fell but Stravinsky held his hand, and he was safe.

The Rite of Spring is an influential music of its time. Despite achieving much success in his previous work or art, Stravinsky third concert faced chaos. The audience did not like the way the music was introduced onto the stage. As such, they shouted and roared in protest. However, the performance did not stop. The intended message was delivered to the audience. The music was revolutionary, and after its presentation, the people demanded change.

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