The red knot is a bird species

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The red knot is a species of bird that is vulnerable to change because of high Arctic temperatures. The Arctic’s climate change results in the low rate of survival of the red knot, decrease in body size and migration into other regions (Briggs Par 2). Such effects also affect the development of smaller offspring, because of the absence of nutritious food by chicks. The potential to lose heat effectively because of the large volume surface area included in other effects linked to the body reduction of red knots (Dussault par 5). Instead, body shrinkage allows the bird to consume less nutritious food. It causes shortages. These effects are accountable for the low population of birds growing to adulthood
My preference is on Dussault (2016) article. The article is based on the shrinking of the red knot found in the arctic regions. Its argument is based on researchers who are trying to prove the change as well as the effects that the birds are subjected. For instance, they term the effect when smaller birds with smaller beaks migrate in search of their normal food as trophic mismatch thereby giving insights on the readers that birds are adapted to various environments as cited by Dussault (par 3). Briggs article only mentions the effects and the causes of passing without validating them for proper understanding. Research in Dussault article deals with facts about the birds population. For example, it suggests a reduction of the red knot population by 50% which they refer as the most harmful survival effects of the body shrinkage as noted by Dussault (par 7). Additionally, I prefer this article since the researchers are working to ensuring the causes of the various effects are rectified as well as providing those red knots already affected are successful within their regions.

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