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When readers take their time to read a letter, they may have various goals in mind. However, the reason for reading a text is ultimately determined by what the author wants to portray, which is a translation of the meaning the author is conveying. The majority of the time, writers of texts do not express their intentions openly. The text does not specify a specific fate that can be used to pinpoint the start of the American Enlightenment. All that is present are the assumptions and the time frame that most people believe it began. They hide their main intentions deep within the abyss of their articles. The main reason behind this action is best known to them and all that is left for the analysts are mere speculations but not the fact of the matter.

Authors use various means to account for the objectives behind the writing of the text. The author of this text, intends to talk about American Enlightenment and the course it took. The ways are meant to camouflage their real intentions in the mind of the reader and leave them wondering in minds as food for thought. In the text, the author does not give their stand pertaining to American Enlightenment but gives the options for which the reader might find it easy to know the point they stand. The hidden intentions make readers to read more of the text to vividly comprehend the real wheel behind the writer’s wishful thinking. In the course of trying to read through the text to depict the intentions, they get to learn more of the message that the authors had rather than just skimming to get the general picture as some readers may do, blaming it on the absence of time. In so doing and using the camouflaging technique, the author finds the best way to use the text in the body to as the route to supporting the main objective of their article(s).

When reading the text for the first time, the reader may not understand the relevancy of the textual context that the author may have opted to use. However, their positions in particular issues that may be causing controversy to the readers may be addressed by the coherence in the flow of ideas through the text. The writer of the text gives the six ideas that came in handy in the punctuation of the topic on American Enlightenment and how the six ideological thoughts; republicanism, liberalism, deism, conservatism, specific progress and toleration worked at best to create an apparent thought on the same.

To drive the point home, the author of the text takes time in explaining the underlying concepts that would make it easy for the person reading to comprehend the play behind American Enlightenment and how it developed to the point it is at present. In the text, there is a step by step information in knowing what the text is about and the key to the metaphorical light that was shed on it to get it this far. It is a simple way of leading the reader by the hand and showing them the events as they took part and led to the current state of the enlightenment on the American people.

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