The Qualitative Research

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During and after the study process many questions arise in accordance with the essence of qualitative research. In most cases, the researchers suspect the reliability of the data collected and whether adequate evidence of the statements is collected or whether it is appropriate to publicize the findings (Loh, 2013). However, it is important to ensure and justify that the qualitative data are confident in the detailed reporting on the study process and the outcomes of the data collection and analysis. Integrity requires four elements, one of which is integrity referring to the legitimacy of the findings. The second component is transferability, and this relates to the applicability of the results within other contexts. The third one is dependability, which refers to the reliability of the research findings later. The last component is conformability, which is the researcher’s objectivity while undertaking the research (Loh, 2013). Notably, combining these four elements establishes the trustworthiness criteria; hence, building vertical pillars for qualitative research methodology.

In qualitative research, the researchers sometimes tend to rely on pictures to some extent. The pictures can be used to draw some data that would otherwise be overseen. The assumption here is that some emotions, feelings, or ideas are too ambiguous, too sensitive, or too subtle to be presented in words (The use of pictures, 2017). However, an institutional review board is supposed to place some limits on the ability of the researcher to take pictures of other people (Ron, Rod & Kaoru, 2013). For instance, the review board should give guidelines that need to be followed in taking pictures such as asking for the consent of the participants and the need to explain to them the purpose of taking their pictures.


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