The Price of a Washington Baseball Game

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Sporting events are an important form of recreation for many people all over the world. With the growth of numerous forms of athletics, there has been an increase in the number of fans with a variety of characteristics. Soccer, hockey, football, and baseball are only a handful of the sports that have a large fan base. However, the amount of attendance at major league games varies between these various sports events. Variation is caused by a variety of factors such as ticket price, geographical location, and the country’s economy. As a result, the study report compares the expense of watching a Washington baseball game to that of other major league clubs around the nation. The research paper uses a quantitative research method with data obtained from different major league teams. The essay uses regression analysis for different variables. The essay focuses on unemployment which is identified as the key factor hindering the attendance at a baseball game. The rate of unemployment among the citizens not only affects the rate of participation but also reduces support to the is evident that unemployment dramatically changes the rate of attending baseball and is directly correlated to the higher priced tickets.


The demand for attending major league baseball event has been an issue of concern over the past years as compared to other league games across the state. According to Driskill and Vrooman (2016), Many types of research that have been done indicate the presence of an elastic demand for attending the professional baseball like the Washington despite the franchise monopoly involved. Currently, everyone is interested in watching or playing cricket, basketball, and participating in athletics while baseball has reduced in value. The significant decrease in baseball fans, game attendance, and interest has been questioned compared to the early years when baseball used to be the most valuable game. Therefore what are the key factors that might have led to decreasing in attending the Washington baseball game as compared to other games? This research identifies the rate of unemployment, ticket prices, and location of the Washington baseball game as the key factors affecting the rate of attending Washington baseball game (Lee & Oh 2016). Therefore, this research would analyze these elements with an inclusion of the opportunity cost of the baseball players and elasticity demand of the Washington city.


The study uses quantitative research method. Data is collected from different major league baseball teams across the country. Regression analysis is used to analyze data. The study mainly uses statistical package for social statistics (SPSS)

Results and Discussion

Several previous types of research indicate several factors that have significant effects on attending the professional sporting activity or event. These factors include the success of the team, availability of the key players on the roster. Driskill and Vrooman (2016) argue that Based on these factors, the research would quantify the impact of unemployment on attending the Washington baseball game as compared to attending soccer and any other first league game across the United States of America. But what effects does unemployment have on the major league baseball (MLB)? Can economy of a state be used to determine fan attendance at the Washington baseball event? However, in their research Lee and Oh (2016) elaborate that economists outline technical factors that impact on sporting events to include the economic situation of the state, viewing the quality of the game and players and the characteristics of an event and the supply capacity. The financial position is defined as the cost of attending the game and the economic situation of the region. The cost of attending a game is always and primarily affected by the ticket prices. However, the financial state of a given area or state is measured by the rate of unemployment. Viewing quality is the perceived quality of the game or an event which the fans are paying to see.

Fig 1.0 Correlation between Game Attendance and Regional Unemployment

Driskill and Vrooman (2016) describe Viewing quality has been affected by the age of the stadium, the weather conditions, and quality of the game. And the supply capacity which refers to the continuous supply of an event which is currently available to be is mainly determined by the weather conditions of the given area and capacity of the stadium where the Washington baseball is being played. However, when the expected attendance outweighs the size of the desired stadium, then the excess demand is available hence rationing must take place through an increase in the price of tickets. But there are variables used in encountering these factors in preventing the fans from attending the baseball game. Whiteside et al. (2016) elaborates that during 2007-2009 seasons, there was a high rate of unemployment making baseball teams experience less support from the fans. Moreover, Lee and Oh (2016) describe that there was a decrease in the rate of attending the games due to lack of funds as most fans were unemployed with predictions being 17-20% for the whole league seasons. Despite the introduction of the baseball cathedrals to influence more fans to increase attendance, there was no significant influence. However, with the collapsing economy and most expensive league tickets, the fans neither became unwilling to watch nor attend other major league games such as soccer. Driskill and Vrooman (2016) describe that an increase in the rate of unemployment and state of the economy necessarily impacts on attendance of the major league baseballs.

The analysis found out that cities with teams that have positive correlations between the attendance and unemployment include Washington, Kansas City, and Boston while those towns with negative associations include San Francisco, Baltimore, and Dallas. According to Whiteside et al. (2016), in Washington city, the rate of unemployment is a significant factor in attendance and demonstrates how hard is to explain the attendance demand. Regression analysis outlines that attending Washington baseball game is relatively affected by the unemployment for many of the majority league baseball permits.

Fig 1.1 Total MLB Attendances (2000-2009)

Based on the report, Driskill and Vrooman (2016) argue that the rate of unemployment increases the level of attending a major league baseball especially Washington games that have less expensive tickets. But visiting Washington baseball is viewed to be a game of all social class. This makes the unemployed population to attend Washington baseball games that offer less expensive tickets rather than soccer and athletics. There is a higher rate of employment across the nation hence most fans who attend the Washington games come from the middle-class states. As a result, participating in Washington baseball game is much less expensive as compared to soccer. However, some regions such as Detroit, unemployment have positively affected attendance of the baseball games. But due to the decline in the economy, this part is one of the most affected areas in the United States where baseball fans rarely attend the game. This area has seen unemployment rate increase from 8.4% to 17.7% in 2009 as compared to Washington City where there has been an increase in the rate of employment (Lee & Oh, 2016). As an outcome, Detroit Tigers drew more baseball fans that turn to watch soccer games.

Moreover, attendance at the Washington baseball has been on the increase as most fans turn away from soccer and other major league teams such as basketball. In comparison to other forms of entertainment, the baseball tickets especially Washington team are significantly less expensive with available seats worth $ 10 for the major league baseball teams (Driskill & Vrooman (2016). Additionally, baseball offers active leisure and an opportunity of escaping from unemployment to the fans and other relevant individuals. The Washington baseball provides a relaxed atmosphere for its fans and the players who consider the game relatively cheap with less expensive players as compared to soccer and basketball games.

Geographical location of Washington makes it more attractive for more people to attend various events. This makes Washington the most preferred site for watching multiple baseball games since it is characterized by better security, reduced ticket pricing, balanced living is through these benefits that the research approves the positive relationship between attendance and the rate of unemployment. Based on these considerations, increase in unemployment is relatively associated with increased participation in the Washington baseball game and decrease in attending a soccer game.

Whiteside et al. (2016) describe that other factors that are associated with the unemployment and attending Washington baseball include the relationship between the winning percentage of the team based on the previous and current seasons. In addition to increased rate of attendance at a major league teams. Past team performance and game attendance give an opportunity for fans to predict the future win. From the effects of unemployment, the following key factors are outlined for a high turnout at the Washington baseball game as compared to other major league teams.

According to Driskill & Vrooman (2016), these factors include the exclusive discounts on Washington tickets which are easily accessible on their website (, there is an opportunity for striking out for days due to new pitches of Washington baseball. Washington offers best and unusual foods for the players and fans as compared to other regions across the country. More significantly, Washington baseball is the division champions which hence attracting more fans and individuals. Based on these outlined factors the Washington becomes the most preferred site for hosting the major league baseball.


The research found out a significant relationship between attendance at the Washington baseball game and the unemployment. Due to the high rate of unemployment across the nation, many individuals are turning away from major league games such as soccer and basketball to baseball due to reduced discounts on price tickets, serene atmosphere. Despite these benefits, there are several factors hindering attendance and participation at a national baseball game. These include increased competition from other league games such as crickets, basketball, and soccer. But baseball continuously encounters these challenges by standardizing the ticket price for the fans. This has led to increase in fans, construction of more playing cites, and revenue to the nation. Due to the low cost of tickets, there is the higher demand of the game. This is characterized by the quality of the players, the higher chance of winning the game, and preferably fresh atmosphere. Washington baseball is considered the most preferred site for hosting the baseball games due to its allocation, advanced security, and reduction in discount for price tickets. Therefore, it is evident that some wins and low ticket price significantly impact on increased attendance at Washington national baseball. However, unemployment does not considerably result in low an outcome, the research outlines the cost of attending Washington baseball game is cheap, reliable, and efficient as compared to the cost of attending either soccer or basketball

Fig 1.2 Rate of national employment (2000-2009)


Driskill, R., & Vrooman, J. (2016). It’s Not Over ‘til the Fat Lady Sings: Game-Theoretic Analyses of Sports Leagues. Journal of Sports Economics, 17(4), 354-376.

Lee, S., & Oh, C. O. (2016). Applying the Concept of Sport Affordability to Professional Sporting Events: The Case of the Major League Baseball Games. International Journal of Applied Sports Sciences, 28(1).

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