The position of the President and the notion of democracy in the United States

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In the resolve of the authorities, democratic elections are important components. In the United States, political officials have a role to play in ensuring that residents are represented in compliance with the existing rules and regulations regulating the territory. Via this, the rulers are required by the constitution of the land to faithfully serve the people they represent. Elected officials are responsible for offering their full attention to representing the public, whether in government, the Senate, or even the White House, without taking into account their color, ethnicity, or any other thing that can add to the implementation of a discriminatory service. The President’s role is fundamental in ensuring that democratic space is grated to for all the participants in the United States have a role in ensuring that the citizens are served according to the constituted laws and regulations governing the land. Through this, the leaders are mandated to serve the people diligently they are representing by the constitution of the land. Whether in the parliament, senate or even the white house, leaders elected have the responsibility to give their full devotion in serving the people without considering their race, gender or any other thing that can contribute to a discriminative service delivery.

The President’s role is fundamental in ensuring that a democratic space is grated to for all the participants in the United States. The President is also supposed to uphold high values that abide by the constituted constitution. He/she should set as a good example in leading the people across the American states in obeying the laws of the land including respect to the countrymen and women. Respect to all other elected leaders should be given priority including respect to women.

Various leaders in the United States have had accusations of sex-violence on women. As leaders, every individual elected or appointed by the state is supposed to uphold a high level of respect. Any individual leader claimed to have engaged in the sex-related violence is supposed to step-down and pave the way for investigations to validate the so-called allegations against him. This has been seen working with some leaders obeying the so-called rights and respect of women. The president is neither excluded since he/she is also mandated for the same. Among the U.S male leaders with allegations of sexual misconduct includes Roy Moore (Alabama Senate Candidate), Al Franken (Former Senator), and even President Trump’s recently allegations (West). Other prominent people include Harvey Weinstein (Film Mogul and Producer). Recently, President Trump has had allegations about sexual assaults to some women even though the president declined claiming he has never met his accusers (Cooney).

With investigations, individual found in the sexual misconduct should be liable for their misdeed. They should be able to pay for their wrongdoing irrespective of the time the action took place. The leader and other prominent people at the expiry of their tenure in office should be able to undergo face the full force of the law. This should be done by critically evaluating the validity of the allegations. Women’s rights, freedom, and pride will be upheld with men in office made more responsible while at the office.

I do not agree with President Nixon’s ideas about insulation of POTUS on illegal acts done by the president. The constitution should allow equality through prosecution of every individual about the position he/she holds in the within the state. Activities believed to have been done by the best interests of the country should have been defined to avoid the clash with the rule of law. Even though the POTUS might have powers, he/she should use the powers to serve the interests of the countrymen and women.

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