The Pilgrimage vs. the film “The Way”

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The film “The Way” tells the story of a young man who gives his father an incredible gift. The gift that appears out of nowhere and twists into an enlightening journey. In particular, the story follows Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen as they travel through the higher mountains of France and Spain (Feiler 12). The duo makes one of the most difficult movements, but they persevere despite the difficult and unusual circumstances they face. In the tough journey, they decided not only to take a chance to explore the strange land but also share the fascination with forgiveness, laughter and create a vexing relationship to make the arduous path meaningful (Feiler 23).

Like the pilgrimage story, “the way” presents the test of endurance of the characters to the final destination. Both the two stories give the path used by the audience as one of the unmatched experience in the modern world. Tom, the epitome of the modern pilgrim, presents one of the presents one of the isolated lives in California. In most circumstances, he was uncertain, skeptical and reluctant in his undertakings. In fact, his life had transformed from gruff loner to the anchor of the misfit in the group. He was no longer capable of tasting any good part of life. As noted by most of the scholars, his journey was equally physical exhausting as the journey presented in the way.

Indeed, the movie has managed to offer the perfect unsentimental, and whimsical journey that was experienced by the pilgrimage. It has managed to focus on the journey that has surprised the entire world by the inhuman conditions.

Abraham: A Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths Vs. Bolz-Weber

In this timely, provocative and reasonable journey, Bruce Feiler sets out a personal quest to better understand the current patriarch. The book tells the story of Abraham’s search for the shared ancestor of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism (Esposito 241). The brave writer decided to walk through war zone religious areas to seek and uncover the role of Abraham in creating the divisive faith of the world believers. This book argues that the call of Abraham holds the breath of the founding father of the all the three denominations. Through the book, Bruce reveals that Abraham offered a thoughtful and inspiring vision of unity.

Ideologically, this work relates to the Bolz-Weber opinion about the church. Bolz-Weber, wife and a mother of two children and a pastor of Denver Col-based Church (Part of the Lutheran Church) is currently honored for her incisive teachings (Bolz-Weber 27). In her biography, she denotes her church as “a progressive yet deeply rooted theological imagination.” As a modern pastor, she is always on the quest to mesh both the conservative and liberal traditions that continually engulf the church (Bolz-Weber 34). According to most theologians, she represents a new and passionate Christian who is committed to creating a life to charge evangelism programs and social justice in the society.

The fascinating aspect of the two theologians is that they are both passionate in disclosing the skeleton of the canonical version of the church. As observed, both the two authors manage to delve into their subjects, discuss them with great passion and relate them to the monotheist aspect. Therefore, they manage to arrest and give an analogy of the church. Besides, the two scholars use their masterful engagement to deliver their subjects. These approaches prove them as important pillars in providing the value of Christianity to the church.

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