The Omnivore’s Dilemma Book

One of the many American stores that focuses on providing food without preservatives, sugars, or even hydrogenated fats is Whole Foods. The first supermarket in America with permission to sell organic foods that abide by the “National Organic Program” requirements and guarantee the organic honesty of a variety of foods from the time they arrive at the store until customers buy them is Whole Foods. Discussions by Pollan about a specific food system are related to the cultural, environmental, biological/evolutionary, globalization, or political-economic principles covered in class. The one we are concentrating on states that growth traces methods which are inclined to enhancing difficulties within a society, and that principle development regards methods that can directly lead to a decrease in stress or that can generate variation without any apparent difficulty in transformation. The profits of globalization can be considered as comprehensive to the citizens and superiors if it is shared in the participating countries, with many additional voices putting pressure on its course (penguin). Our communities are always finding again that productive social environments are impossible devoid of a naturally sustainable surrounding. It is therefore accepted that our usual surrounding does not only influence our lives, but it is also critical for both current and future communal lives. The downfall of the previous socialist political systems impacted the need to rethink politically when it comes to political relationships (IFSW).

Question Two

After reading this book, it changed my view towards eating habits and additionally it is because I did not find anything distasteful concerning Pollan’s laments on the eating habits of individuals whose lives are different from his. Finally, it is important to understand that Pollan is concerned with the patterns and not the people. Such a perspective leads people like Pollan who are financially able to afford any meal to have decent eating habits. It also encourages people to work together in creating better eating habits that can be practiced by everyone. For instance, it is evident in the case of Whole Foods as well as in individuals who collect any unsold meal from farmers’ bazaars and allocating the foods to pantries and kitchens as a way of making healthy food available to everyone (Pollan, 89).

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