The navy and small commerce prospect

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The preparation approach and the subsequent acquisition process would include comprehensive, market-oriented analysis, i.e. the Navy. Communications, testing and preparation are three things. In particular, communication requires the establishment of a contracting strategy that includes the types of contracts available, alternatives and source selection procedures depending on the procurement requirements. The contract contains a request for a plan which should be consistent with the business agenda for refining floors. Furthermore, communication will entail practical methods of indulging with the Navy such as either one-on-one or before the publication of a contract. For this, an advisory multi-step process is necessary since the Navy has a prominent sequential method of engaging in contractual acquisitions.

As such, the multi-step process will include research of the market- Navy (Schwartz & Church, 2013). The ideology behind the research is to gain an interactive information about the target client. Therefore, analysis of data congruent with the list of potential suppliers and competitors is mandatory. It will also include the gathering of information about the product regarding quality, characteristics and providers’ capabilities. Conversely, the research phase will enable the development of innovative acquisition strategies which will aid in developing commercial solutions and comprehension of the terms and conditions of the contracts available. For instance, market surveillance will be focal to the successful planning (“A Framework for Software Product Line Practice, Version 5.0,” n.d.). The market surveillance will keep the business in-check based on the practices. For instance, if the contract states on floor maintenance, certain terms and conditions need to be followed. Hence, the business and the in particular production team will require an understanding of the Navy’s needs and how to satisfy them. It will require an indulged training and information processing by the production team thoroughly to improve the quality of products and services to provided. Additionally, it may require the manager and the assistant to contact technical experts to review the market and gain more knowledge on the acquisition of contracts under the Navy (Schwartz & Church, 2013).

Finally, the planning phase will ensure that the Navy procures the best services and products from the business. Initially, there is need to investigate the key acquisitions risks that the company will incur during acquisition. It may include competition issues and operation and maintenance. Provided that the Navy requires a particular aptitude in the delivery of products and services, it is best to understand the suppliers already in existence and what type of quality goods and services they provide. Another planning process will entail the period of performance to analyze whether the business is capable of running during that time and whether it requires additional funds either through loans or increase in assets. As such, the business has to remain either as the lowest priced contractor or highest technically rated contractor (“A Framework for Software Product Line Practice, Version 5.0,” n.d.).

Electronic Contracting

E-contracting is gaining ground within the country. One primary benefit it provides if used for a contractual acquisition, is that it acts as a legally binding agreement between two parties. Unlike the paper-based system, it provides more enhanced monitoring system on the procurement process (Kluwer, 2014). For the business and the Navy, it will provide a platform through which the control of the privileges and obligations of the parties involved. For instance, it will provide the contract establishment and contract enactment phases which are crucial within the acquisition process. E-contracting will provide real-time price and terms and conditions as well as the legal validity of the contract (Kluwer, 2014). Therefore, it will offer a more virtual and up-to-date acquisition platform compared to the paper-based system.


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