The Multiculturalism in Canada is not successful because there is still discrimination still exists in Canadian Schools

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Simply put, multiculturalism is the appreciation of cultural diversity. That is, separate ethnicities should be given the rights and freedoms to spread their society. The above is critical, and states or agencies are advised to ensure that policies regulate this aspect. In this research, we are interested in multiculturalism in Canada, which, according to many people, has a diverse range of cultures. The government of this country has been at the forefront of fostering cultural diversity. For instance, the just one policy adopted in 1980 declaring multiculturalism as a law in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom is still effective today.

Many people and nations admire Canada due to this policy making the natives see this as an achievement that many governments are yet to deliver. This policy has made prominent people like Karim Al Hussaini to describe Canada as the most successful pluralist society in the whole world. Also, the policy has given Canada so much credit and also to be used as a role model to countries struggling with multiculturalism. Because of this policy, Economists have further described Canada as the most successful multicultural society in the western world.

Multiculturalism was brought about in Canada due to the high rate of immigration in the 19th century. This immigration was characterized by diversified ethnicities, cultures and religion as well. Studies indicate that the latter has its Multiculturalism has its importance as well as failures. Though many people perceive Canada a nation that has succeeded in cultural diversity, there are still cases that show Multiculturalism is yet to be achieved fully. This study seeks to evaluate some of the instances that show that multiculturalism is yet to be accepted by all natives of Canada.


The government of Canada takes pride in the established multicultural policy. It is essential because it has helped in cases such as aboriginal students being allowed to practice their culture. Despite the policy, there are problems such as racism that still exist in the country and need to be addressed. Racism is an indication that not all people in Canada have embraced the policy and there is still the issue of whites being superior to any other race. The place where this problem seems to affect most is the schools where discrimination occurs on an everyday basis. For instance, students from the same race stay in the same group, and since the international students lack the fluency in English, they often lack project partners and friends. For multiculturalism to be termed as successful in Canada, such issues should be addressed to fight racism.

Research methods

Sources of information

Racism in peer group interaction involving South Asian Students Experiences in Canadian Academies. (Edith, Samuel, 2004). From the research, there were 20 male and 20 female students interviewed. These students had either been born in Canada or accompanied their parents from other countries from South Asia like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh between 1970 and 1990. The Questions they were asked related to what the interviewees may have experienced and also were in the social and academic contexts. To make sure that the research is fair and represents everyone, students are chosen randomly from different programs in the school.

There was also a research within the Canadian University on indigenous students experiences and looks at the racism that indigenous students face in this university. It involved interviews carried on seventeen students from McMaster University. The main aim of the research was to provide the researcher deeper understanding of how the indigenous students perceive and experience racism with the university environment.

Also, Alladin and Ibrahim look at racism in Canadian schools and how it can be done away with. They come up with the measures the teachers can use to reduce the level of racism. This shows that racism already existed and the Canadian government is trying to wipe it out.


These studies show that there is racism in Canada. In the first study, all the 40 students claimed that in one way or another they had experienced racism by being segregated, being made to feel unimportant and being disbelieved about status and abilities.

In the second study, the results were that the indigenous students faced racism in different ways hence being discriminated against the Canadian students.


The results show that racism still exists in Canada despite them having multicultural policies in place. The most cases people affected by this racism are the student’s institutions who are of different races. Many people do not understand the existing racism because they rarely face it in the life outside the institution. That is the reason why most people think multiculturally is successful in Canada


Though Canada has tried when it comes to multiculturalism, it has not succeeded. School children are facing discrimination in schools and racism. This brings us to the conclusion that multiculturalism is not successful in Canada.


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