The most fundamental tenet that epitomizes Chinese culture is harmony.

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The most fundamental tenet that epitomizes Chinese culture is harmony. Coordination and harmony are intertwined with gentleness and firmness in this definition. The Chinese culture coexists in a peaceful and friendly manner. Harmony was the most significant principle, according to many ancient Chinese texts. Confucius was a strong proponent of peace, and the people were supposed to accept it while adhering to other moral values.
Individualism is not emphasized in the Chinese system. To put it another way, it’s more important to think about the group than a person when making a decision. Moral standards bind a person to prioritize his or her family and society. The community also has defined roles for each family member. For instance, women are tasked with household chores while the men are meant to be providers. There is mutual respect between the husband and wife as well as the children. Once peace is maintained within the family, it spreads out uniformly throughout the society. The Chinese model is an enviable culture that would promote peace in a global perspective (

Evidently, every organization yearns to have harmony within it. It is a crucial principle that boosts the employee – employee, employer-employee, and organization – customers’ relationships. When all stakeholders of a firm relate harmoniously, objectives are met with ease. For instance, a company that seeks to make profits can benefit from this element since the workforce will be highly motivated to undertake their duties, and due to their productiveness, the firm achieves this goal. Also, with harmony, all the stakeholders know and appreciate each other’s roles. Harmony also champions teamwork, which is imperative in the attainment of any project. By comprehending the organization analogy, it is evident that harmony is an effective principle for organizing society.

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