The Legend of Bloody Mary

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In a small remote town in Chicago Illinois, there is an old legend that has been passed from one technology to another. The story is narrated to kids by their parents at night time to scare them during Halloween so that they do not wander far away from their homes.
The Actual occasions of the legend date back to 1912, when most of the rural areas in Chicago Illinois had not been exploited, and some families lived deep in the forest. In particular, there used to be one family which had separated itself from the general population, and it was solely on Sundays that the eldest daughter was sent to the nearby city to get supplies for the whole week. It was never determined how the family was able to generate income to sustain themselves because no one dared to venture into the forest. Tom Cleverly was the head of the household, and he had two wives, Jane and Jackeline. Jane had two daughters while Jackeline had a son.

The eldest daughter named Maryanne was not allowed to talk to anyone when she was in town. The girl obeyed her father for the better part of her childhood, but when she was at the adolescent stage, she became curious about boys and love. Then one sunny afternoon, while she was in town purchasing supplies for the week, she met a handsome young man, and she fell in love despite her father’s warning. The romantic affair was conducted secretly, and for two years, her father was unaware of her daughter’s hidden secret. Their romantic relationship resulted in Maryanne becoming pregnant. Her father was mad, and she cursed her and the baby. Tom had claimed that her daughter would never conceive of her whole life. Despite her father’s curse, Maryanne was lucky to give birth to a beautiful boy. She was not allowed to leave home, and she has never seen again in town. The baby died after six months, and Maryanne never got over the death of her son. One day while she was crying in front of the large mirror in their living room at night, she noticed a movement inside the mirror. When she got closer, she saw a human-like figure which was black like a shadow strangling her dead son. She cried out for him to no avail. She could not control her feeling and ran outside to the woods, and she has never been seen again. Up to this day, it is believed that Maryanne’s spirit is wandering in the forest kidnapping kids.

Most people do not believe the story because large buildings and streets now occupy the location where the actual events of the story happened, and there is no evidence to suggest that any of the story’s features are true except for an old building that is believed that Maryanne frequented there to meet with her romantic partner. Conspiracy theories are stories which are accepted by some people, but there is no proof of the occurrence of the events. Also, some of the stories do not have a logical flow (Prooijen). For instance, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that the story is true, the only available information is obtained from stories passed from one generation to another.

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