The Joint Consciousness

The concept of national joint consciousness was coined by Anderson (2016). He related it to the intersections of capitalism. According to Anderson, the print media improved national consciousness. They did this by creating a universal communication method. They created numerous power languages as well. Anderson also stated that national consciousness brought some sort of security to a different language. In contrast, Durkheim believes that national joint consciousness exists as a separate entity and exist in one’s mind as an idea. He also believes that humanity is classified based on religion. Abraham Lincoln was a leader that led the union in the fight for abolishment of slavery .To the people in the community, Lincoln was depicted as a self-made man who liberated the slaves and ensured the union’s survival at a time when it was at its lowest ebb. Through his numerous acts of forgiveness and his demeanor, Lincoln fostered brotherhood in the society. Many people adopted his ways as a leader, he restored democracy in the country and ensured peaceful co-existence of people. Lincoln fostered and shaped the concept of brotherhood in Chicago through his ability to liberate the slaves as well as his qualities as a leader. People associated with each side of the argument are portrayed as pro-supporters of their theories and perceptions.

The statue is significant because of the emancipation proclamation that Lincoln signed as an executive order.

Work cited

Anderson, Benedict. Imagined communities: Reflections on the origin and spread of nationalism. Verso Books, 2006.

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