The Island of Long City

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The economic downturn of the 20th century has been going on for many years. The city that once was known as an industrial area packed only with warehouses and taxi depots in the last two decades has changed significantly (Menberg et al. 9748). In the city’s beachfront, many professionals looking for luxury facilities have now been lined with upscale and trendy construction which is more convenient for the city center at a lower price. The paper focuses on the long town island, where the culture, sound and ups and downs of the city are explored. New buildings have cropped out of the ground and created a sterile, corporate feeling that is so different from the surrounding potholed streets and old factories. However, what the great city lacks regarding vibrancy is compensated with the ever-increasing number of the trendy bars and restaurants that offer services to the residents of the city. As one walks through the town of Long Island, the Queen of evolution appears to change from block to block (Menberg et al. 9749). Just a short walk moves you from a desolated twentieth-century industrial outskirt of the streets to the gentrified central streets of the Vernon Avenue and the urban Riviera developed by the gleaming high rising waterside “Gantry Plaza State Park.” While traveling to town a sweet view of Manhattan is an oversight. The sight of abundant low rents and warehouses spaces have been the center of attraction to artists and chief executives for decades now. However, the locals have it that the attraction of the city to the nonlocals have been growing over time with their final destinations being the culture hub MoMA PS1 which attracts more every summer since its where the warm up party takes place. Besides, the MoMA PS1, the city, also has more attraction centers like the new artists and writers’ salon the Oracle Club as well as the Chocolate Factory, which is the Obie-winning theater. However, it is sadly inevitable that some of the radical fringe elements will be demolished. For instance, the 5Pointz Aerosol Art Center that carries’ the city cultural history will have to be brought down or replaced with some insignificant uses.

Despite the proximity of the town to the Manhattan, the community that inhabits the city feel somehow differently anonymous. More so quiet street life makes the city feels secluded and isolated. The culture of the city and its attraction is long gone since the city was once considered as the home of many factories and bakeries but what remains is an iconic sign of Pepsi, which can be seen from the Gantry Plaza State Park (Menberg et al. 9758). However, the past always haunts the evolution queen the streets lacking trees and having that gritty feeling that signifies that the city is more suited as an industrial island and not a residential community. The gantries are supposed to be left in place because they are an iconic part of the city and they are celebrated. They show the culture of the city and acts as a landmark for the city.

Finally, the short tour across the city have enlightened me with more knowledge that one can never really understand a city, town or even and individual unless they understand the community of the place, the historical period and the transition that city or town has gone through. As for long island city, it is not just the boring ordinary city full of warehouses anymore, but it is a vibrant, cultural city filled with the ever rising waterfront.

Work Cited

Menberg, Kathrin, et al. “Long-term evolution of anthropogenic heat fluxes into a subsurface urban heat island.” Environmental Science & technology47.17 (2013): 9747-9755.

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