The Ignored Lesson of Anne Frank

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I dislike the story’s tragic ending because it involves the deaths of poor, innocuous, and innocent individuals. The film draws back painful reminders of the atrocities committed during the Holocaust. At the moment, Nazi supporters smoked out Jews from their hiding places, murdering them mercilessly. Despite the fact that many people perished, others survived. It is unfortunate that any of those who ended up as dead bodies had an opportunity to survive that they did not take advantage of. The story talks about a family that failed to prepare for danger and every member got killed in the end. The franks valued their family bonds too much, and by turning a blind eye to the imminent danger that surrounded them, they failed to prepare for the worse and ended up dying as a consequence. The sad ending also reveals much about the ignorance that has plagued modern society for many years. Like Anne, members of the society wanted to believe that every man has a good heart. When the mystery of the Holocaust was unraveled, people claimed that it was just “horrible propaganda.” For a certainty, the sad ending of the story is unlikable.

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