The Ideological Diversity in Newsmagazines

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The purpose of this experiment is to determine the ideological balance of news magazines relative to mass media. It is important to remember that all mass media and news magazines can cover the same subject, but news magazines will still provide an in-depth view of the matter as they offer quick-to-use facts to audiences. The purpose of this exercise is therefore to distinguish the ideological diversity of news magazines on the basis of coverage patterns.
Daily coverage of people’s way of life; that is, stories that affect the people
The front page in many cases comprises of politics, followed by different units that address various issues.
There is some form of consistency in the manner stories are progressively covered

Daily publications

There are plenty of advertisements


Covers daily news of essential activities or happenings

The coverage is subdivided into sections, each addressing a different thing or issue

It progressively covers issues until it’s no longer attracts the public


Comprises of several advertisers within which advertisements are done.

Weekly Standard

Covers weekly issues that have taken place

Political issues are mostly covered with economic and health problems attracting less attention

Each edition of the newsmagazine tends to be different from the other part of the resemblance in the column sections


There are limited advertisements


Based on this exercise, it was quite clear that both Weekly Standard and Nation cover political issues or stories, which has a direct influence on the community. The same also applies to mainstream media, but they only differ in the way the stories are covered; mainstream media covers for the political issues with magnitude, hence possessing the ability to control matters. However, some problems in these newsmagazines are borrowed from Time magazine, which only covers serious issues that are worth addressing (Gentzkow, et al. 48).


Newsmagazines like the Weekly Standard and the Nation covers issues with a different perspective compared to the mainstream media. Despite the fact that the mainstream media may include the same news, newsmagazines do cover issues in a progressive manner (Gentzkow, et al. 53). Therefore, the primary goal for the newsmagazines is to cover issues with a different perspective other than the way the public might have perceived it. For instance, newsmagazines may cover for different issues in the form of debates but in separate sections. This implies that newsmagazines like the Weekly Standard and the Nation may shape the public opinions. To some considerable degree, it is vital for the mainstream media to cover stories from the newsmagazines to attract the attention of the public and enrich their viewers (Gentzkow, et al. 63).


Based on this exercise, it is clear that Newsmagazines offers an in-depth view of issues, which cannot be provided by the mainstream media. Of course, there are some aspects of the community that often remain uncovered, but are available through print media. However, with the help of Newsmagazines, such aspects can easily be made available (Gentzkow, et al. 71). Therefore, there is need to enrich the reading culture by spending more time reading newsmagazines to have a better or different view to a given story. Even though newsmagazines face stiff competition from the mainstream media, it should be clear that newsmagazines may shape or change one’s perception to issues (Gentzkow, et al. 85).


In summary, newsmagazines coverage is more detailed compared to mainstream media. Based on this exercise, it was clear that there is need to enrich the reading culture by incorporating numerous aspects, which may not have been covered by mainstream media. Accordingly, the mainstream media should learn to integrate their stories with those of newsmagazines to enrich their coverage as well as developing a different view of issues affecting the community.

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