The health care of older people with complex problems

Commentary on human needs and social issues in an article
The subject of the article is the health treatment of elderly people who have many problems. It is estimated that the country will need about 71,000 additional care homes in the next eight years. The number of older adults in need of medical attention is increasing. The number of people over the age of 65 is growing, and the concern is that they are dealing with complicated issues that must be addressed (Marsh, 2017, n.p). According to estimates, the number of older adults in need of health care is expected to rise by 353,000 by 2025.This means that the number of care beds will increase by ten thousand from the currently estimated beds. The article talks of how the number of older people needing to be fed and dressed will increase by 163,000.This category of people is said to have increased in the period of 1991 to 2011(Marsh, 2017, n.p). The paper mostly talks about how the increased life expectancy of people in Britain is having a negative effect on the social care. The increased life expectancy over the last 20 years has been faced with unhealthy cases. The people over the age of 65 years are facing illness and problems of disability which in the end is leading to social care crisis. In an attempt to prevent this problem, a solution of ensuring people get more health care at an early stage has been proposed as a prevention work.

The article has also talked of a proposition by the president of adult social care services. There are findings showing that urgent need is required to look at how care is funded in the social care sector (Marsh, 2017, n.p). She continues to say that a long-term solution should be introduced to avoid the repeated occurrence of older people facing issue or struggles when it comes to personal care. The article has also mentioned of the struggles that friends and families in the community are facing when it comes to the offering of social care to the elderly (Marsh, 2017, n.p). A proposition of training able professional responsible for taking care of older people with complex problems has been mentioned. The people over 85 years who need 24-hour caring has been rising since the year 1991.These people need care homes which mean as their number is increasing, so is the number of care homes required(Marsh, 2017, n.p).

The article also mentioned the issue of bed need in care homes. The number of beds required has been increasing since the year 2010.Although the author of the article mentions that in terms of quality healthcare, the number of beds does not really matter. The number of older people in need of healthcare is said to only increase in care homes, but also there are people who are receiving care in their own personal homes. This means there is an effect when it comes to home care agencies. The article has estimated the increase of home care agencies to be around 2900 (Marsh, 2017, n.p).

The government has been forced to give out 2 billion pounds for the purposes of boosting the local authorities dealing with healthcare and elderly homes for the coming three years (Marsh, 2017, n.p). Therefore it would be correct to conclude that the purpose of the article is to inform the public of the issue of strain on social care by elderly people with complex problems.

In consideration of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, the following is the understanding created. Looking at the theory, there is mention of five stages included in the model. The model tries to explain how people are motivated to accomplish certain needs and the priority of these needs (McLeod, 2017,n.p). The first and most basic need in this model is the physical survival. Looking at the article topic, the elderly people need to have food, water, and rest which is part of the physical survival. To them, this is impossible as they have no jobs or energy to provide for themselves. Therefore they require the help of their families or social care homes to be able to do this. Another thing to note out of this stage of physical survival is that lack of fulfillment of the needs increases as time goes on. The need for satisfaction becomes stronger as they continue to be denied or go unsatisfied (Niemela & Kim 2014). The other level of needs is the safety and security. Again in relation to the issue of older people with complex problems, there is the need to provide them with security and safety. This also falls under the basic needs. Therefore in social care homes, the mentioned two levels of want should be given top priority (Lester 2013). The remaining three stages are considered to be psychological wants which in most cases do not require prioritization. These stages include belongingness and love needs, esteem needs and finally self-actualization. Although they are not important, the social care homes are required to fulfill them. This means the elderly in social homes should have access to families and have the chance to create relationships. Considering the strain on the department social care, the fulfillment of the basic needs is enough.

In the article, the author mentions that based on the needs, there would be an additional 190,000 older people in need of help when it comes to meal preparation. This need fall under the survival needs in Maslow’s theory. Meal preparation involves food and water which I a basic need. This means that these older people can afford food but are unable to prepare it. Such people instead of being placed in social care homes, they need to be served at their own homes by social agencies or families. The people that require the help of social homes are those that need 24/7 surveillance and care. These older people have been categorized as having a high dependency. An increase in people with high dependency means the need for more social homes. The number has been said to increase by 163,000 by the year 2025 which means additional social problems.

When it comes to comprehension of the social needs by the public, the Maslow’s theory plays a huge part. The public should understand that no matter the age, the satisfaction of human needs is the same. The elderly are motivated to satisfy the mentioned needs. The problem comes in when they face complex problems such as disability and illness. Therefore it is important for the creation of social homes to enable them to be provided with these needs. By provision of the basic needs, the other needs in the hierarchy are easy to provide. What the public needs to understand is that inclusion of social agencies support in the budget is not a waste of resources.

A look at the Doyal and Gough’s needs theory, this also assists in explanation of how the media understand the social problems discussed in the article. To begin with, the theory separates the human want into two categories. The first is the health needs and the other the autonomous needs (“Changing minds” 2017, n.p). Just like the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the health needs are the most essential in comparison to autonomous needs (Grix & McKibbin 2015). In the case of the social problems faced in Britain, the media understands that the provision of autonomous needs to the elderly is lacking. There is the talk of how the number of beds does not constitute the quality care. Without the provision of the health needs in the care homes, the provision of autonomous needs does not help at all. The media believes that the social care homes should help provide autonomous needs to the elderly. Therefore, when talking about social problems or crisis, the media expects the fulfillment of autonomous needs to be part and parcel of the social care homes. The media should understand that satisfaction of the health needs is the most essential and the other comes in second.

The political process means the government or the local authorities. These are the people concerned with the creation of social care homes. With there being an increase of older people with complex problems, the government understands that provision of basic needs as per Maslow’s theory is critical.

In regard to the mentioned theories, it should be a general understanding that fulfillment of basic needs such as food, water, rest, and safeties are essential. The rest such as relationships and feeling of accomplishment should come afterward. This can be seen in a study carried out Taiwan concerning older people need for home care services (Wang, Chen & Chen 2016). Therefore when talking about a need to increase the care home places, the author should have mentioned the ability of these care homes to fully satisfy the older people wants as per the Maslow’s hierarchy theory.

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