The Good Life, Skepticism, and Proof

Skepticism is an attitude of doubt or skepticism directed at a doctrine of actual or uncertain experience, a system of judgment, or a specific object. People are prone to have cynical attitudes and opinions when it comes to important issues. This is because it is important for people to regulate their opinions and feelings on these topics in order to prevent doubtful thoughts from taking over their minds. Some issues are critical in our search for fundamental truths, so that if we want to believe in them, we know exactly what they mean and can back up our claims. One of the matters that have received a lot of skeptical attitudes all over the world is Religion. Owing to the variation in the people’s thoughts and beliefs, there are Atheists; do not believe in the existence of God, and the theists who believe otherwise.

The significance of particular topic draws more conclusive evidence and proof that may settle the trivial thoughts and views. As such, it is the duty of theologians and philosophers to come up with proofs and convincing premises. Time and again they have tried to construct arguments about the immorality of the soul and existence of God. Their effort entitled natural theology has proven to be futile. Reason being; the proofs and the premises that both the philosophers and theologists have come up with, have not been convincing enough to some of the rational people.

It is quite clear that the arguments that have been put forward to try to explain the existence of God, share two features that link them; making a clear clarification of the inferential moves and proving wrong all the hidden assumptions that the people may have concerning the matter. Notably, taking a key look into the arguments, there is a point that confusion and doubt arise and to make it worse, the philosophers and theologists who are the masterminds behind them, cannot get themselves to explain them in coherent and convincing manner. Due to the involvement and remoteness of the metaphysical proofs of the existence of God, they are quite distant from human reasoning. This makes arguments and proofs to cause very little or no impact on the people reading or watching them.

Contrary to human anticipations, getting convinced of the existence of God through proofs still triggers the mind and brings, even more, questions to the surface; will getting the proof guarantee the salvation of our hearts by feeding our doubts? Would it contribute to the enlightenment of our minds? We cannot fully find fulfilling answers to these questions as they depend on the manner and the level of a person’s reasoning and understanding of such matters. This is because it is the human reasoning that determines how people interpret, organize and draw conclusions behind the confinements of their immediate experience. It is common for people to suffer due to lack of proofs that are universally convincing and still not be in the position to give encouraging explanations as to why they suffer suck a lack.

Conclusively, it is evident that most people do not understand the force of reason. Understanding the strength of reasoning depends on their submission; knowing the time to doubt, affirm and submit. We tend to know the truth not only by through our reasoning but also our hearts; it is through the connection between our intuition and instincts that dictate the fundamental truth to us. To understand the latter better, we have to base our focus on the ultimate religious and philosophical issues

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