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Parenting requires paying attention to physical, mental, social and intellectual well-being of a child, as parenting can also be very demanding and frustrate to nurture students. That is why lawmakers ought to pass laws to shield high school parents from the tremendous responsibility of abuse (Springer, Parker, & Leviten-Reid, 2009). It is important to motivate parenting students. It decreases the scale of dependence and thus demands that they finish their training and find a job. It is their right, not their advantage, to allow them time to attend to their children. Providing for the needs of children has never been cheap (Park, Turnbull, & Turnbull III, 2012). Children require reasonable sums of money for a proper and all-encompassing upbringing. Buying feeding formula, dressing the child, paying for the post-natal clinic, their medication and recreation oblige sufficient funding for the parents. High school students have no access to such funds since they are not yet economically vested. Laws providing for such demands should be enacted to allow parenting students provide for their children while studying.

The discrimination and stigma that comes along with being a teenage parent are really vexing. Pregnant students are treated as though they do not deserve to acquire their high school diploma certificates like the rest of the students. The penalties they risk for missing school while attending to their children’s medical appointments or their complications, or issues at childbirth, are detrimental to their education, including disenrollment or expulsion.

 Young parents also require financial support (Park, Turnbull, & Turnbull III 2012) to bring up their children in the most convenient means. Providing funds for parenting high school students is thus necessary. In this manner, the student parents can cater for the child’s medical bills, food, clothing and educational needs as well as their own. Enacting laws that provide grants for parenting students would go to a great extent empowering them. This will reduce if not avert frustration for the student parents allowing them to carry on with their studying activities while parenting concurrently.

Modification of FMLA to include provisions for time out of school and makeup activities and exams for parenting students is necessary (Alexander & Alexander, 2011). Pregnant high school students and parenting males should be exempted from the punishments given to students who become absentees in school. This is attributed to the responsibility these students have to bear while undertaking their curricular and extracurricular activities. They sometimes have medical emergencies to attend to, for instance when a child experiences convulsions, their parent cannot participate in school and let their day to day activities as usual. Other reasons for missing class could be immunization of their infants, post-natal depression, and parental ailments among others.

Introduction of an essential aspect of federal law in 2013 and reintroduction in 2015 addresses the financial needs of parenting students. Giving grants to institutions that amend their policies to cater for parenting students was a significant step towards empowering student parents. The schools would be expected to provide for the child’s medical needs and childcare while the students attended to their academics. This enactment would to a great extent boost the attitude of schools towards parenting while studying. The issue of parenting while studying has not yet received enough light and attention as it ought to. The pending legislation offers the view in the tunnel of parenting protections for parenting students.


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