The essay of hope in the human life

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Introduction and thesis statement
Thesis statement: This essay will analyze the issue of hope in the human life and the theme of mortality.
1. Introduction
i) Review of death
ii) Objective of the paper; to analyze two poems in relation the theme of mortality and the aspect of hope in the human life.
2. The two poems
i) Blackberry picking; a poem written by Seamus Hearney
ii) Blackberry eating; a poem written by Galway Kinnell
3. Mortality
The human body’s ability to wither and die
4. Author’s purpose
i) Show hope in life; the authors in the poem expose the desperate nature of human beings hope on life with the knowledge of death
ii) Show human perception of life; the perception is that humans see death as caused by their dark activities
5. Conclusion; summary of the author’s content on the theme of death

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