The energy to nature

When I first visited the Arizona from Las Vegas, my parents accompanied me. The five-hour journey indeed was so attractive and fascinating to my eyes particularly the beautiful surroundings on the roadside. Ever since I was born and raised in Tokyo, I have never viewed such views because of the tall buildings that surrounded our home. One memorable observation used to be the red-brown road which to me looked like those in the western movies. Inspite the fact I was still in the car, I could experience the heat and glare of the sun. When we first saw the view, we were so excited because it was new to our family, but then it got boring because of the unchanging landscape. For instance, at first, we saw the mountains and natural trees very beautiful. After a short while, as we by-passed them, we just kept on seeing the brown road all the way until we reached. We could have done nothing but just watch.

Immediately the navigation alerted us that we had arrived at Horseshoe Bend, we could not see it because of the congestion of vehicles. We had to park the car and walk towards the location. Immediately I got out of the car; I was hit with the scorching sun and blown with the wind out of expectations. The air that entered my lungs felt dry and full or grit which I did not feel while in the vehicle. The 15 minutes’ walk to the Horseshoe Bend was rather easy because we were going down the hill. After a while, we saw a crowd of people and knew that we had reached the Horseshoe Bend. The hardest part was going up since we had to walk up the hill.

The background of the Horseshoe bend was so charming that made my spirits to go up thus increasing my heart beat. The most enthralling thing I saw was the valley that portrayed the U-shaped just like the shoe of the horse. This made me realize why they called it the Horseshoe Bend. The next thing I remember was that I was already at the far edge of the valley views at the bottom. Despite the fact that my legs had frozen, I was so amazed by the vastness and energy of the earth while seeing the endless extension around the river. Moreover, even though I could not tell the colors of the river that caught my eyes, the most beautiful combination that emerged was blue, yellow and the marble of green. I also enjoyed taking many pictures with different angles as I changed the height through various positions on the horseshoe bend. On the other hand, my parents felt they could not be left behind and decided to join my photo session. This opportunity brought various emotional feelings because of the energy from nature. I have now become a fun of traveling ever since.

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