The enactment of Affordable Care Act

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The passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010 has resulted in a rise in the number of patients with private benefits receiving medical treatment in the majority of US hospitals. As a result, the state’s medical system has faced staff shortages and has been unable to meet such a vast number of patients effectively (Anderson 2). Furthermore, the number of medical and nursing graduates and other health physicians has dropped, causing people to wait longer for proper treatment. As a result, this paper reflects on the existing shortage of health practitioners, which is a major problem in the region.
Current Healthcare Issues
Shortage of Physicians. Despite the efforts by the government to increase the health personnel over the years, shortfalls are likely to occur in every season. The possible supply of the medics fails to encounter the ever expanding demand linked to the rising population including that of the aged (Anderson 2). The country projects an increase in the populace of the old to over seventy million by 2030, hence, poses a threat to the medical fraternity as these individuals are viable to chronic diseases (Anderson 3).
Significantly, the looming retirement of the old professionals builds a gap that needs filling, thus, creates a shortfall of practitioners (Anderson 6). Relatively, unequal distribution of the health experts in the country has led to uneven distribution of the services. Mostly the rural households tend to experience limited professionals as compared to urban regions (Anderson 2). As such, it has resulted in high rate of illness and mortality among the rural residents. Moreover, staffing problem exists as a consequence of the unbalanced ratio between primary physicians and specialists. Therefore, patient’s access to quality and efficient care is limited.
Competing Solutions to the Problem
Expansion of Medical Schools. In resolving the menace, the medical schools requires numerous number of students enrolled for health disciplines to counter the demand imposed by the rising population of the aged. Additionally, this will lessen the gap between nurses and the specialists, thus, enhance efficient and effective treatments (Schulte 83).
Efficient Care Delivery. Increasing the supply of the health workers needs a combination with inventions in the roles and duty allocated. Therefore, efficient and productive delivery of services expands the staff’s ability to provide improved quality patient care. Additionally, the medics need to follow a team-based approach to facilitate the flow of work (Anderson 19).
Preferred Solution
Development and financing of the medical schools provide a better solution to the problem of shortage in physicians. Relatively, students from regions that have limited specialist need sponsoring in their study as they can be considered to work in areas that experience moderate supply of practitioners. Additionally, by adopting attractive admission measures, and having a curriculum that reflects challenges of practice in upcountry helps in enticing students from these regions to take the training (Anderson 16).
The results indicate that America is on the verge of increased population of the old that is higher than the number of available health experts. Most of this shortage has been steered by reduced number of students enrolling in medical schools, thus, leading to a low number of workers. Additionally, uneven distribution of the personnel in various parts of the country has resulted in shortages of the experts mainly in the rural setup. Therefore, the state needs to finance medical education as it is the appropriate way to help prevent the problem.

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