The effect of feminist theory on modern women’s personality development

The effect of feminist theory on modern women’s personality development
Today’s world has made life easier for millennial women. Modern feminist philosophies such as Emile Durkheim’s and Karl Marx’s have advocated for gender equality, thus enhancing the lives of modern women. In general, today’s society is fighting for a woman’s role in government, better education, equitable work distribution, and empowering girls. We will address the impact of feminist beliefs on the personality development of modern women in this paper, based on Karl Max and Emile Durkheim’s theories of contemporary society. Traditionally, some standards guided a culture, according to Emile Durkheim’s Anomie model. Some of these norms were set as rules and regulations which placed the woman in the kitchen while men would do hunting and bring food home. In the past, all white collar jobs and leadership were the roles for men in the society. Currently, women have deferred their place in the kitchen, and they are working in white collar jobs, and they are also involved in leadership. Women are getting an equal education with men while sometimes they get more educated than men. High women education have made them change their initial mentality that they cannot lead or work in big offices. This has created a better place for a woman in the society.

In the past, there were specific clothing according to one’s gender. This was to ensure that monitoring was well catered for. This norm was made by men because men didn’t want to be equal to women in the society consequently making female more inferior. The millennial woman has abolished this norm and has started wearing clothes that were meant for men only like trousers. In resultant this has eroded the morals and principles of the millennial woman where women have started misusing this privilege by wearing in an indecent way.

In the past world societies were divided into two classes; the ruling class and the ruled class. The ruling class consisted men only while all women were ruled. This separation led to the creation of classes in the society. The chance of an individual who belongs to the ruling class also known as the bourgeoisie class to associate with the oppressed ruled class was very negligible. Every individual within the two categories had her or his duty to perform on a daily basis. The lives of members of the two classes changed very slowly. The modern woman has disputed this norm, and she is engaged in leadership. Women leadership has proved even better than men leadership suggesting than women are the best place in leadership.

Looking closely at functionalism model in Emile Durkheim theory, the modern women has continued to fight for equality in the society. She believes that the society needs her effort for equilibrium. The girl child is receiving the same education as the boy child, and so they can help each other. The millennial woman believes that without her decisions or inputs, the society remains in a state of imbalance.

Karl Marx believes the class conflict and division of labor among individuals in the society are the main causes of social stratification, which led to alienation between the ruling class and ruled members of the society. In the past, all women belonged to the ruled class while the rulers’ men. Currently, women are also vying for leadership electoral seats. Further, Karl Marx believed that the historical changes were brought by class struggle. He divided the society into two; the haves and the have-nots where the men have power while the women are powerless. The modern woman has struggled to snatch power from men for equality. She has succeeded doing this, and she has found herself leading men in the society. This has seen the modern woman playing the role models of men in the community.

Concerning Karl Marx capitalism theory, men enjoyed recreation facilities in the society while the women didn’t even have the privilege of stepping into these facilities. The only women who could visit these facilities were prostitutes who were exploited sexually by men. Traditionally, alcohol was for men only, but the millennial woman has indulged in alcohol and high-class pubs. Also, the contemporary society has allowed women to feel free to visit and enjoy recreation facilities. Currently, attending such facilities is determined by the money you have in your pocket but not gender.

Karl Marx Capitalism and modern social theory suggest a situation where women will be tired of men’s oppression and overthrow them. Due to this, the millennial woman has continued to chasing the third gender rule which suggests women for leadership. With this, the position of woman in the society has improved because they have succeeded in taking some power from men.

The owners of the of capital in the modern societies are the ruling class who are mostly men, while the working class which is the ruled class had to provide labor to the capitalists for a certain amount of wages. Using machines in the production of goods in the industries have led to an increased rate of unemployment. We have seen the modern woman involved in the operating such industrial machinery, therefore, giving her a chance to survive retrenchment due to lack of skills. This mass unemployment has resulted in competition for jobs among the individuals in the society. The competition is mostly on merit basis where the millennial woman has struggled to fit through getting better education and professionalism. Specialization is very essential in work according to Karl Marx. Jobs were divided into a system where each and every work was best suited for an aim of getting much profit. This is what is referred to as division of labor. According to this theory of Carl Marx, specialization and division of labor among the class of the workers made every worker in an industry depend on the output of his or her fellow worker. The industries made workers view things in a different manner than before and also value things in a variety of ways. Best jobs were shared to men, but currently, the millennial woman has seen herself been given an equal share of the job. She has made herself fit to be allocated to any task in the society.

Conclusively, the millennial woman has continued to fight for her better place in the society. She has set some ideologies which are well established and fabricated to allow her to win her better place in the community. Anomie, Emile Durkheim theory, have explained the breakdown of some norms in the society as the feminine ideology pressurizes on identity for millennial women. Karl Marx Capitalism and modern social theory have shown some feminine ideologies trying to take over men position as a weapon of struggle for identity of the millennial woman.

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