The Discussion of Dignity

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Dignity is a formal or the nation of behavior or manner of keeping a high widespread of being worthy in a certain community’ for example school, place of work and even in the society or the entire world. Dignity is a significant factor in human character since it earns respect and lives a life characterised good morals and ethics.
People with dignity can earn respect. Since dignity entails living right and placing some standards to others in the society, it is possible that a person of notable dignity can be respected due to the reason that he or she is living a lifestyles that most people admire in the society. If a person humiliates others in the community, then he or she can be regarded as a person who lacks dignity.

An ethical person is an individual who understands the difference between right and wrong based on community beliefs and the existing Laws in the nation. Thus a dignity can be associated to an ethical person considering that a person of high dignity distinguishing what is right and what is wrong at certain place and time; for example, a student characterized by dignity always respect the school timetable by doing the right things at the right and in the right place.

In conclusion, dignity is attributed to respect and ethics of an individual. Therefore, everyone who wants to keep his or her dignity should always treat other well and he or she will eventually earn respect from the immediate community and the entire society. I believe I have some dignity since I always follow the righteous paths in my daily life.

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