The Differences and Similarities between the United States Government and the United States System of Constitutional Government

The Government

The government referred as the processes and institutions which implement at the same time create sound decisions for the nation. The unit of the government includes a county, state, city, international government, national, and national. The problem of power is the desire to endower administration sufficient authority to efficiently address the challenges the people requires the administration to solve, while at the same time restraining command so that it can be detained responsible.[1] A victorious regime is one that hits the correct balance connecting compromise and restrictive influence. In chapter three of the of the book classics of the American government, effectiveness it the primary power problem with the Congress since Congress is always not capable of getting something done. The Congress has been declared ‘’the broken branch’’ of the regime since the ordinary people, as well as several political scientists, see it be an unsuccessful institution. Notably, Congress is not structured as a useful institution, but it is designed as a representative institution where various perspectives and interests are represented, and the making of decisions needs bargaining, negotiating, and cooperation. This paper helps an individual to develop a broader understanding of the American government.


One of the recurring themes in chapter one in politics and the American government is freedom and order. Democracy is highly valued in the traditions of American politics. Personal freedom is a very crucial element of dependency. Freedom of speech, association, press, and religion in the United States are individual liberties which are guaranteed by the American First Amendment of the constitution. The government makes the law while on the other hand, Congress implements the rules. On the other in chapter two of the American structure, the constitution provides the basis of dividing power between the states and the federal administration. It also creates a national administration which consists of an executive, a legislative, together with a judicial branch, with a system of balances and checks between the three branches.[2]

Similarities between the U.S. Government, U.S. System of Constitutional Government Constitution and Congress

Furthermore, both the United States Constitution and the Congress prevents the rights minorities against the tyranny of the majority. For example immigrant rights concerning assembly and petition, freedom from a standing army, trial by peers, as well as the selection of council representatives towards levies taxes. Additionally, Congress and the government adhere to the laid down rules and regulation.[3] This is in the sense that, both have to be in fore-front to adhere the decisions, such laws, regulations as well as various social policies, are authoritative in the knowledge that people and administrations are lawfully required to respect the decisions or face some sanction. Another similarity is that in both three branches, the government, system of constitution, and the Congress contain leaders of the executive branch which are the president and the vice president. Also, a supreme court existed in both plans of the government.


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