the declaration of independence

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The text’s main issue is Texas’ effort to gain freedom from the Mexican colonials who had vowed to defend them and guarantee their interests and lives were secured. The citizens simply claim that they are withdrawing from the “partnership” because the Mexican government has ignored their hopes of exercising their citizenship. Various charges are leveled against them for their decision to withdraw from the Union. The citizens of Texas had been deprived of their freedom, and those who attempted to press for a new constitution had been imprisoned. In addition, they had suffered from the military commandants, with most of the leaders representing them in the government being denied the rights to occupy the federal seats. The Texas people have also been driven from their homes to render their rights of ownership to private investors. These complaints, thus, promoted their action declaring independence.

The concern above is valid due to the fact that the rights of the State had been denied by the colonials. Mexicans, although had promised them equal opportunity and rights, frustrated them and instead exploited their resources. Experiencing such atrocities as well as lacking political representation could have instigated the will to avert the rule of the Mexicans. As such, their action towards gaining independence was important to redeem their status. Amidst the fact that Texas had gained independence, it is still experiencing the challenges of underdevelopment and insecurities.

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