The Decameron Analysis

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The Decameron provides a philosophical outlook and frame narrative for Boccaccio’s work. Its theme of Lady Fortune and the “Wheel of Fortune” is typical of medieval literature, and it satirizes Dante’s Divine Comedy’s use of various levels of allegory. In the process, Boccaccio mocks the Roman Catholic Church, which is itself a source of satire.

Human nature is examined and reexamined throughout
The Decameron is sometimes referred to as the “Human Comedy.” Indeed, the work is filled with discussions of human nature – from the tragic to the comic, from the noble to the base. Throughout the Decameron, the various facets of human nature are discussed, but they are always done with a spirit of tolerance. This sense of tolerance is the driving force behind the Decameron’s comic spirit.

It mocks ignorance, primitivism, priests’, nobleman and government hypocrisy
“This book satirizes religion, clergy, government, and the church,” the subtitle declares. But in reality, it takes a different approach. It mocks ignorance, primitivism, priests’, and noblemen’s hypocrisy. The satirical tale mocks the attitudes and behavior of all of these groups, including the government.

It mocks courtly love
The concept of “courtly love” has been studied extensively by Christian scholars. It is a type of love poetry where a man asks the mother of the god of love to intercede for him and his lover. In many cases, this “mockery” of courtly love seems to mock the real religion. Nevertheless, there is still a shady side to courtly love.

It mocks bourgeois society
Pier Paolo Pasolini’s version of Boccaccio’s The Decameron was controversial and popular, but a scholarly debate over whether the novel mocks bourgeois society remains to be answered. Pasolini’s Decameron was based on a story about ten young aristocrats fleeing from plague-ridden Florence. Written in vulgar Italian, the Decameron is considered to be one of the founding texts of modern Europe. Pasolini largely abandoned the framing device used in Boccaccio’s version, dividing the film into two parts.

It mocks humanistic principles
“The Decameron” reveals the human condition and how human nature should be guided by heart, honesty, and love. Despite these ideals, the world is far from that, and humans are constantly at odds with one another. The Decameron aims to reveal the human condition and how our social fabric can be altered to improve it. However, it fails in this task. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to humanistic problems.

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