The Cultural Revolution

The Cultural Revolution has impacted someone’s life. Their cultural backgrounds influence human beings’ lifestyles and living methodologies. It is essential to understand the ideals and norms followed within a given culture because they impact the overall life of a human being born into that culture or who has lived there for a long time. The emergence of a “culture shift” in an individual’s life brings with it a plethora of considerations, opportunities, and challenges.
The two interviewees are introduced.
Through contacting experts, I was able to dig deeper into the details and follow-up on the ‘culture revolution or change’ by reaching out to two people virtually using the internet for conducting their interviews. Both of the selected persons for the interview belong to non-western cultures or civilizations originally and now residing in the western countries for many decades. One of the interviewee is Mr. Abdullah who originally was born in the Egypt in 1955 and decided to relocate to Austria in 1970s for educational purposes. He remained in Munich and other cities where he studied and later on started his own business. He liked the Austrian society and western culture to the extent that he managed to stay permanently in this European country. The other interviewee is another immigrant, Miss Preeti, who is now a British citizen living and working in United Kingdom from 1980s. She was originally born in Pune that is a small town located in the South Asian country India. She also preferred to stay on permanent basis in the UK despite of all possibilities to go back in her native country India.

Summary of Replies

During the interview, Miss Preeti shared her thoughts and feelings about western culture by admiring the Great Britain and the local community’s hospitality. She thinks that the ‘cultural revolution or change’ that resulted in defeat and rejection of communism in Europe during 1980s was a primary factor for her to consider Western Europe as the most suitable place to stay at. Later on the reunion of East and West parts of Germany were greatest moments of her life and she felt the dominance of western democratic values and norms over the other existing cultures. She admits that her native Indian civilization has some great and considerable things but she prefer her family to be part of western culture permanently by admitting them to the educational institutions of UK.

Mr. Abdullah clearly admired the western culture and western people’s love for education during his interview session. He said that although he originally grew in Egyptian culture that has its roots back in thousands of years and it remained a ‘dominating and noticeable civilization’ of the region at one time. Despite that he still thinks that western culture is more attractive to him and his family in the twentieth and twenty first century. He tried to adopt this western culture completely. According to Abdullah Austria, that emerged as Austrian Empire in 1804, and in few hundred years it reached to a diverse natured advanced and culturally rich society. Abdullah thinks that he is part of western culture and he wants his children to remain away from all crisis and third world issues found in the Middle East and Africa.

Conclusion & Final Analysis

The interviewing process conducted for knowing the valuable take of the two interviewees who had witnessed the changes occurred followed by ‘cultural revolution’. The interviews were conducted over the internet using a web based popular interactive application, Skype. The answers to the interview questions of participant number one, Miss Preeti seem to clear acceptance of an individual’s inclination to a better lifestyle and culture values. She preferred to become part of another culture despite that her own native culture and civilization has been considered as one of most ancient one. The second participant Abdullah clearly acknowledged the positive impact of ‘cultural revolution and change’ in his life. He had a chance to remain in a western country for many decades and he could take some serious decisions about staying in western culture permanently. These two interviews clearly indicate that human being likes to search for better social and cultural norms throughout its life. It is natural for human beings to prefer living comfortably in societies and communities that are more liberal and conscious about their duties as a nation or civilization.

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