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Africa was the primary residence of human beings. Most of the remains linked with the former existence of humans were gathered from different segments of Africa. Social diversity became apparent with the development of agricultural actions. Artifacts like cooking dishes, storage boxes, and tools pointed out diverse sorts of cultures. It’s assumed that these artifacts have been developed following the discovery of agriculture and the embracement of various social practices. Genetic relatedness, age of fossils, and sediments can be identified with the practice of dating method and DNA examination, in conjunction or separately. The true antiquity of a fossil can be determined by carbon dating since the C14 isotopes of living things in a rate that is regular as well as measurable.

Potassium-argon method allows calculation of nonliving things’ age through evaluating the ratio of potassium and argon they contain.

Chapter 2

The coming together of people influenced the emergence of cities

The coming together of people in some focal points to conduct trade activities led to the growth of cities.

Early cities emerged along river basins

Humans farmed along the rivers because of availability of water for irrigation. The agricultural activities influenced the emergence of different activities that led to the formation of cities.

The people of early cities believed in many gods

People from the cities believed that the gods controlled everything, including shaping their political institutions. They believed that the gods were in control of weather, fertility as well as harvests and underworld.

Chapter 3

The Old Kingdom in Egypt fell because of radical climate changes.

Powerful warming in addition to drying trend led to the collapse of the kingdom. Lack of water due to droughts led to long periods of hunger and suffering.

Nomadic movement influenced the emergence of territorial states

Nomads brought with them new technologies and innovations that facilitated expansion of territories.

Pharaohs used religion to unify their kingdom in Middle Kingdom

Religion played a significant role during the time of the pharaohs since they employed it to unify the kingdom.

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