the contemporary society

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Contemporary culture contains a variety of facets that make it very complex. It is made up of people of diverse religious traditions, cultures, languages and ethnic origins, among others. Each culture is compounded by societal problems that have existed for many years. Some nations, for example, face gender discrimination, violence, and drug trafficking, among other crimes. While politicians and community representatives are striving to solve these challenges, they are still in abundance. Most of the social problems that I don’t believe can be corrected in my lifetime is bigotry. It is a tradition that any public figure is striving to combat. However, modern society is still full of racism even though the fight against it began many years ago.
Racism can be described as the antagonism, discrimination, and prejudice against an individual due to their race. In the American society, racism exists between the Blacks and Whites. Some stereotypes that severe the relations include the Whites belief that they are generally superior to the Blacks in every aspect of life. The Black Americans are deemed to be slaves; hence, should be secondary to the White Americans. Apart from the Black population, racism is also directed towards the Arabs and other races. According to historical data, the fight against racism is not new. It almost led to the separation of the Southern and Northern states from the Union in the 1860s. It still exists in the current society though with varying magnitudes.

There is substantial evidence to suggest that the fight against racism is far from over and will continue even after my lifetime. For example, ever since President Donald Trump won, there have been over 200 cases of harassment based on racism within the United States. Sentiments like “Make America White Again” or “Black Lives Doesn’t matter, and neither Does your Vote” are inscribed on walls in public places (Buncombe). Even though the society has made commendable strides in the fight against racism, it is still a predominant issue. Embracing diversity has been preached in various corners of this society, but racism still dwells amongst us. As much as people yearn for an ideal society that is free from racism, achieving the same remains a complex issue.

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