The Connections between Belief and Madness

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Kumaré claims that he is a fake to his followers, but they choose also to follow him. He seeks to explain to his students that he’s just an illusion, a mirage or a sign and that the guru they are looking for is inside them. Kumaré made a fairly hard job in group visualisation, including his chants, yoga movements and practices of meditation, including key practice of ‘blue light.’ His disciples are eager, because they uphold the values he has given them, to do everything that he says and does.
Our convictions have always governed the frontiers of things. Many of those ever-fluctuating boundaries, once patrolled by religion, have erupted into border wars, just as the very notion of a border has been dissolving. It’s easy to take up a simplistic position when we try to appreciate how spirituality and the secular, belief and skepticism, dance their tango, but surely it’s far better to pay attention to how and when these boundaries dissolve or turn out to be not what they seem causing chaos and madness.

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