The book Through the Looking Glass

The book Through the Looking Glass is a fairytale by Lewis Carol. This book’s fifth chapter contains an intriguing tale about Alice and the White Queen. While running in the trees, Alice comes across a shawl that belonged to the queen and was being pursued by the queen. The queen gives her a role as her maid as a thank you for catching the shawl, which she respectfully refuses. She begins to demonstrate to Alice that she exists in reverse and has the ability to recall events before they occur. She goes on to explain to Alice that the King’s messenger will be imprisoned even before he commits his crime. The queen also claims that she is over a hundred years and at some point in the story, she turns into a sheep. In my opinion this story cannot be easily forgotten because of the mind churning imaginations that comes about when reading it. The story is very captivating and a child may enjoy reading it because he or she can clearly relate with the characters in the story. This story may make a child feel that though the story does not happen in real life it may happen to them as an inner experience. The child may also believe that the story is real and that it cannot be untrue. While reading the story, you may feel as though you are part of it. I enjoyed reading this story and my most interesting part was where the queen turned into a sheep. This is a story that I recommend to someone who enjoys reading fairy tales.

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