The American Revolution

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The American Revolution was a dispute that occurred as a result of growing tensions between citizens of Great Britain’s North American colony and the colonial government. In 1775, a rivalry arose between the British army and the colonial military men in Concord and Lexington. It sparked military strife, and the insurgents waged a full-fledged war the next year.
A sequence of events leading to the true causes of the American Revolution and discord. The origin of it all was a dispute about how Britain treated her colonies. The care was the polar opposite of what the colonists had expected (Raphael 102). The Americans demanded equal treatment to the British. The Englishmen on the other hand felt that the colonies were created to be used to the best interest of the British parliament and the crown.
Drawing back, the major step that hastened the march towards the revolutionary outbreak was the British policy that came around 1765. This was the stamp act that was passed by the British parliament. This was a measure of taxation that was meant to raise money for the British Army. This led to the vocalization by the colonists which then convened the Stamp Act congress to oppose this (Palmar 96). Some even went to the extent of organizing attacks especially on the homes and customhouses of the tax collectors. In 1766, the parliament had to repeal the stamp act following continuous strikes.
In 1773, the British parliament then enacted the Tea Act. This did not have a good reception as it was designed the secure the faltering British East India Company through reducing the taxes imposed on tea. The aim of this was to grant the British East India Company a monopoly of the trade on tea in America. This was perceived as a taxation tyranny as tea was even smuggled by the Dutch traders (Fritz 56). The taxation led to the formation of the Boston Tea Party and this led to the damping of the tea that was valued at about 18, 000 pounds at the Boston harbor. The parliament was infuriated by this and in return formed the Intolerable act in 1774.
In the same year, there was the formation of the Coercive Act that closed up Boston and limited it to merchant shipping. The British established their rule in Massachusetts and this boosted the immunity of the British officials to any persecution and frustration in America. The colonists then called for the Continental Congress that considered the formation of a united resistance against the British rule. A shadow revolutionary government was formed in Massachusetts that resisted the existence of British in the America.
Factors that led to colonial independence
Looking at the struggle for independence, there are a number of factors that made a great contribution to this move. They entailed internal formations within America as well as external aids that was sought as evidenced by formation of alliances (Palmar 92).
The walk towards independence was fueled and boosted by George Washington. In the summer of 1775, he was able to convince the Continental congress to come up and create a continental army, where he was made a General. His charisma and bold way of doing things helped the Americans move towards victory. He urged the Americans to wage defensive rather than direct and fruitless combat of the British who were more powerful.
The second main factor that enabled the Americans have energy to fight British was the formation of the critical resistance. The British found it hard to communicate and supply their armies because of the 300-mile Atlantic Ocean, which stretched between the American continent and British isle (Fritz 42). The locals also knew the local terrain well than the British and this boosted their fight.
Thirdly, the entry of French into the revolution. This was a big boost where in 1778 the French gave an unofficial aid through selling weaponry at a cheap price to the British colonies. The French then made an official alliance with the colonies especially after the colonial struggle and victory at Saratoga, New York in 1777. This helped to reduce the dominant British rule which then helped to secure the final victory of America. This was the most important and biggest boost in the fight.
The victory was boosted by the confidence in the continental army which used the winter to pitch a camp at the valley of Forge (Bailyn 112). Despite severe hardships, they successfully fought the British through the training that they received under the leadership of Friedrich von Steuben. During this time, the French government made an agreement that was negotiated by Benjamin Franklin. In the agreement, the United States would receive monetary and military aid. This made the British to evacuate Philadelphia in June 1778.
The joining of the forces was the final and major stride to independence. Washington made a plan to plan a fake attack on New York and this enabled the Rochambeau to make a joint army with the Continental army. Washington provided leadership to the combined army that led to capture of Yorktown by the September of 1781. The Cornwallis surrendered and this convinced the British to begin negotiating independence of America.

In conclusion, the struggle for independence in America faced setbacks and drawbacks but the way it was attained was procedural and rather well planned. The Americans suffered a lot of brutality and harassment but because of their organization, they were able to stage a strong fight that convinced the British to retreat.

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