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America has had the largest number of presidents in modern history in the past 70 years. These people are among the greatest leaders in the free world, some of whom are the greatest recent rulers. The attributes are also arbitrary to decide whether a president is good or poor. This is how diverse facets of success are measured. Their unique political affiliation is not only investigated but also their contribution and devotion to the United States’ development and progress. I am convinced that the alliance between Congress and the president is essential to the politics of America. All sides ought to work constructively together for the country’s gains. William Jefferson Clinton is hailed as the most effective president that ever served America. He was the 42nd President of the United States since 1993 to 2003. He excellently sold off the idea of a family man with a charismatic edge. His contribution to the United States was centric and economical. The people wanted a better economy, so he gave them exactly that. He broke the record for scandals and controversies any president has ever encountered. However, these did not deter him from achieving his goal. He was also impeached, but his service to the Americans make him outstanding and loved by the people. Statistics reveal seven significant platforms whereby Bill Clinton, as he was popularly known made great efforts. Bill Clinton was faced with a challenge when dealing with the Congress. This is because he was a Democrat. Their relationships were however politically positive as he managed to pass several amends in his first years in service.

During his reign, there was a 3.6% percent increase in the gross domestic product. This is a rise from US$7.5 trillion in 1993 to US$ 9.9 trillion in 2002. Significant improvement was also evident in the disposable income, employment opportunities. He also worked towards reducing inflation levels in the market. This was actualized by a considerable margin. He also ensured the stock market maintained an upper bar. As much as Clinton’s contribution did not outdo his peers, he made a great effort in areas that mattered the most. This led to a booming economy. When he entered the office, polls showed that the public had less confidence in the economy. However, as he approached the end of his second term, there was a significant difference in the general outlook towards the economy.

I am of the opinion that Barrack Hussein Obama was the least productive president the United States has ever had. He was the 44th and first black American president of the United States. He dealt with a particularly hostile congress which aimed at thwarting his effort to serve the Americans. He, however, has support from his Democratic allies in the congress, who helped him push through with his reforms. Obama’s performance in comparison to Bill Clinton’s is not even close to comparison. His efforts were almost negligible with most sectors experiencing tremendous declinations. This included employment and job opportunities, disposable income and workforce among civilians. His effort in improving disposable income was lower than 1%.

His economic performance was terrible with an exception in some areas. He, however, had a great drive and was enthusiastic to serve his people. His ploy to improve security in the Middle East left countries such as Libya in a worse state that could be impossibly be comprehended. The country is more unstable than ever with trends such as slave trade finding its ways back to the activities people participate in. On the righter side, he made tremendous efforts in the stock market, ranking him the second after Clinton. He was also famous among other competing superpowers as they had an opportunity to compete with America at a balanced level.

Question Two

The bathroom bill is a law that regulates the access of public facilities, particular restrooms by transgender individuals. The controversy of this law arises when transgender individuals are required to use the public bathroom that matches the gender indicated on their birth certificates. Ethically this is invasive regarding the societal norms. This is because it would mean a man who has transitioned will be using the same bathroom as ladies. This leads to a moral loophole in the community as perverts will take exploit the situation. Relevant constitutional discussions on the issue depict it as an unenforceable and unnecessary law that violates the privacy of individuals. It further encourages discrimination of these individuals in other platforms.

I think the group advocating for the law to be repealed should prevail. This is because transgender individuals are also human. The law predisposes them to criticism and discrimination by the society. These are unique individuals who do not have control over their sexuality. It is therefore not up to the law to dictated how they should be treated or what they can access. The constitutional basis that convict the feds of overreach is evident in the prompted interference by state agencies another organization to regulate access to washrooms and showers. The counteracting argument that echoes the innocence of the feds in the matter is their commitment to uphold the law. They are just enforcing the law despite the impacts on the people. I feel the stand is twofold, although the interests of the people should come first. The bill should ensure that people are comfortable.

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