The African American Modern and Hip Dance

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American dance style that evolved from African American and Latino youths in the 19th century was the focus of the lecture. In this type of dancing, the dancers are to engage in some vernacular contemporary movements that are usually improvised with social intent. The freestyle form of art is emphasized from the rhythmic body movements that are attached to urban music. The purpose being to spread hip-hop culture and increase social bond via diverse range of styles like breaking, popping, and locking. However, through urban dances, the dance styles developed in the studions are choreographed better and given more exposure to the public in order to spread and impose the culture and freedom of expression. The three things I learned about today is that American urban dance is a form of art. Moreover, the selected sequences through human movement have a symbolic and aesthetic essence that gives it a theatrical appeal. Lastly, American urban dance has an important distinction by its repertoire of movements, choreography, and place of origin that distinguishes each category. What impacted me the most in the lecture is the story that can be told through the fusion of urban dance and interpret musical accompaniment to portray visual description using mime, scenery, and costume. Since dance is my passion, I had a connection with the lecture. Through the artistic expressions of urban dance, I realized that one can make a professional living through its artistic representation. The lecture taught me different representations of American urban dance, their aesthetic appeal, and the impact it has on the society. Lastly, the lecture was important in that through the illustrations one can get a convincing rationale that urban dance is really art.

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