The 20th-century American experience

In contrast, the American experience in the 20th century is significantly more integrated, with less evidence of racial unification. fascism, political sledgehammer, and segregation. It benefits from the efforts of racial equality and inequality pioneers and campaigners, as well as from the widespread affirmation of African Americans’ dignity. Respect for all races is respected, and there is a strong sense of unity. In contrast to earlier eras, people of any race, including African Americans and White Americans, can participate in any sport, join any political party, and attend any school.
Civil rights have undergone revision, and they are now overwhelmingly respected. The notion that one race is more superior than the other is dead, and any race can ascend to the presidency, excel in any field without being forestalled by racial segregation. No one’s ability or capability is questioned regarding his race or skin color. As the Americans enjoy, all this is important to recognize the struggles in the crucible for the freedom of African American by the likes of Jackie Robinson who uses his talent to advocate for recognition of African- Americans dignity and racial desegregation (Schutz 23). The biography: integrated life depicts by various events from the beginning to the end how crucible America was and the selfless sacrifices made by racial desegregation crusaders represented by Jackie Robinson in this struggle. Uncannily the relationship between sports, politics and the society is subtle by way of critical events theory.
In a broader dimension, the biography captures vividly significant events by using the character of Jackie Robinson, reveals how racial segregation walls were so thick and the efforts it took to break it. It depicts Jackie Robinson as the only man who was more significant than the game merely capturing the efforts he made to struggle in this crucible to excel in baseball and rise to stardom though he had talent (Schutz 34). All this are captured by seeking a theory of general integrality of sports institutions, ideologies and practices on the one hand, and the rest of the society on the other.
The author tries to bring out the African American freedom struggle in crucible through an intricate drama of heroism. Jackie Robinson, a talented baseball player, is captured as having a massive influence on preparing the way for the civil rights reforms wave following world war two. The author uses the general relationship between sports institutions, politics and the society to capture the impact of sports on the society.
A critical event theory focuses on revealing why specific sports events, institutions, and relationships become unusually an epicenter of importance to the rest of the society, where and at the time they do. Jackie Robinson is captured in his post-baseball stint as a racial spokesman, and at the peak of his career, he is used to symbolizing the fall of racial segregation and racial supremacy and eventual considerable recognition of the African Americans. In this struggle, he pays the price in terms of inordinate stress and early breaking down of his once healthy body (Schutz 74). And in his post-baseball years, he is captured that he stood out as a racial spokesman notwithstanding disappointments involving significant political figures and brickbats from the black power advocates. In author uses sports institutions as a model of bringing people together and erasing the notion that that race determines who excels in what and who doesn’t. This is seen when Jackie Robinson through his outstanding talent outshines white baseball players despite racial segregation, rises to stardom and gets signed as the first African American by Branch Rickey (Schutz 78).
Through his advocacy for racial desegregation, the relationship between sports institution, politics and society reveals itself. Schutz uses Jackie Robinson in sports to show the breaking of baseball color line that symbolizes the struggle to racial desegregation, freedom for African America and civil reforms wave brought by the Second World War. The author’s main arguments are articulately outlined both chronologically and thematically using Jackie Robinson’s struggles and achievements. He is used at the center of the story both by character traits and events.
Even though the author tries to show more oppression of African Americans and mistreatment hence the Struggle for freedom the author doesn’t capture the negative retaliatory reactions of the African Americans. He also dwells so much on his negativities of racial segregation not mentioning any positivity. He reveals how racist the white Americans were not giving the insight on how on both the white and black Americans were racist and left us to judge (Schutz 87). Even though the story is so captivating but in reality, a story always has two sides; this is also seen more when the main character
Jackie Robinson is more praised than criticized. This biography is organized more chronologically than thematically. The rise of Jackie Robinson is narrated beginning from his child, his post-baseball life when he was still a racial spokesperson, his struggle to break the white wall of racial segregation and rise to stardom. This brings out events in the story so vividly and makes it easy to relate (Schutz 93). It is easy to remember the events in every stage of Jackie Robinson’s life since they are organized sequentially. Every event chronologically arranged gives us the Real image of how it was, or it could be in real life for instance when Jackie Robinson emerges as the best Baseball player one can imagine the joy of the African Americans and how rankled the white Americans Were considering this is a sport they had dominated for years. Every event leading to the other makes the story so compelling since us a reader it makes want to continue reading as the events unfold (Schutz 93). For instance, when Jackie Robinson start excelling in baseball it makes one tends to read more wondering whether he will hold on up to the end of his career or he is just going to shine for a while then start performing dismally. The advantage of this chronological narration of a story is that it is so easy to remember the events since they unfold one after the other. It is also easy to do research about an event and know more about how things transpired even when the author does not say much about the particular event provided there are references to the incident.
Whereas this organization is easy to use and brings out plots in a story clearly, this chronological Arrangement of events can only efficiently use where the author has reference sources to support the dates and periods as stated by the author. And where such reference materials are not available it is Hard to tell whether the dates are accurate or the events happen. This organization also requires a lot of research hence time-consuming(Schutz 97). The author cannot date the event that he does not know anything about since this can give room for negative criticism by those who have the first-hand information. The author uses The International Journal of the History of Sports extensively as his reference source. He uses this source to bring out events by dates and how they unfolded chronologically. Through this, he reveals the childhood of Jackie Robinson, the challenges he met in his struggle to break the white wall of racial segregation (Schutz 123). This captures Jackie Robinson’s resilience, ambitions, commitments and outstanding talent that outshine the white Americans in their dominated baseball game. The author uses this source to relate the events as they unfold in a manifold in Jackie Robinson’s life.
According to this source, it is only Jackie Robinson who is bigger than the game. This explains subtly why some events take uncanny importance as they emerge later becoming an expression of crisis and at times offering potential resolutions at the observed edge of real reforms. Besides, there are specific occurrences much larger social relations and forces affecting it. This also depicts the nature of the crisis and at the same time tests new resolutions (Schutz 137). This shows that desperate measures are needed to give solutions to hopeless situations. Jackie Robinsons breaking of the color wall was the analysis for a new dawn and realization of civil reforms and eventual freedom of African Americans. He is used to proving the rightness of something unique for Americans.
The author exploits this source in a way that makes the story look like he is the first-hand holder of the information. He handles every event in a manner that makes you capture the images as they roll through the story in your imaginary world .the chronology of the events even the life of the main character, Jackie Robinson is so consistent, and there are no gaps that might make you doubt the story(Schutz 145). Even though the relationship between the sports institution politics and the social theory and critical events theory is much elaborate in the whole story; there is the subtle advancement of academic theory. The author tries to capture this through the educational sporting events at various stages especially the baseball sporting events. The author does not vividly advance this approach, but through the plot of the story, this theory has developed (Schutz 154). It is also so fascinating how the two main methods have been advanced. All these make this biography so captivating and so enjoyable to read and analyze every event keenly as unfolds in manifolds Course with goals. It’s important to note that success does not consider skin color, race but its commitment and incessant effects without giving up for a particular course and when you feel like giving up, always remember why you started.
Going by the events unfolding from the beginning to the end of this biography, the struggles in the crucible that Jackie Robinson has to go through in the name of racial desegregation, and hence the achievements I tend to believe that a noble course is worth fighting for no matter how devastating the crucible is(Schutz 164).
In sum, according to the biography and relating to the American experience in 20th Century it s worth noting that that there are a lot of civil rights reforms that we are enjoying and we should appreciate considering that such rights were unimagined in the 19th Century(Schutz 168). Racial segregation was part of life, and some rights were privileged to African American race. According to Schutz, in this biography the sports institution has been used as a model of bringing people together with the perspective that no race is superior to the other. The reforms only came after the precursors and activists of racial desegregation for it to bring in the notions that if you want to change to fight for it and always stand up for your rights. The notion that baseballs all whites game comes to an end when the super talented African American hero, Jackie Robinson rises to stardom, trampling on the former champions of baseball, the curtains closes on the white Americans superiority signifies a new dawn and eventual freedom for African Americans. The civil rights waves then follow after the Second World War, and all these unfold to capture a new dawn in the society where racial segregation was the order of the day. All the efforts by the civil rights Crusaders do not go in vain, and here the end justifies the means. This is a fascinating biography, a drama of heroism that is full of suspense. It is worth reading since its interesting from the beginning to the end. Apart from capturing racial segregation, struggles, achievement of African Americans freedom in deeper understanding in daily life you can easily relate to it.

Work Cited
Schutz, J C. Jackie Robinson: An Integrated Life. , 2016. Internet resource.

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