Tension and coping

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I need to learn about situations that make me nervous or cause me anxiety before I speak about stress and how I cope with it. Second, I’m still worried about conducting my duties on schedule. My work is time-sensitive, which keeps me mindful of time since being late is inappropriate. When my tasks start at 4 p.m. until 12 p.m., this causes fears, because I don’t have enough time to relax and sleep. I need to be able to learn from this class how sleep is critical for relieving stress. One of the things they have learned to cope with pressures, though, is to wake up early in the morning to ensure that I am not late. Consequently, last week I become sick which increased the workload hence being late to submit my assignment for some days. Everything was confusing and messed up, and meanwhile, I got headaches, and my migraine becomes worse that I didn’t do anything I kept sleeping, resting, and taking my medication.

Currently am still sick and failure to work I do not get my remuneration which becomes stressful as I have to pay my rent. I hope that next weekend I will be given a day off so I can relax and rest. To avoid stress am always performing my duties in time as well as working like is my last time to work. It helps in preventing procrastination of responsibilities allocated to me thus being on the safe side. Secondly, my financial status increases the chances of my stress considering things which I have to accomplish like paying my rent and planning for the future. My plans after retirement at the age of 45 are to have my apartment through my retirement money. My plans at that age are not to work anymore and avoid having debts.

Now let’s talk about the daily stress. You know every day from the time you woke up to the time you go back to bed you will have a lot of things that might give you stress or make you nervous, but I think I am using the solution, which Dr. Keeping told us in the class. I always inquire assistance when I find myself in a situation which I cannot fix. It doesn’t matter who. I can see someone for help, moreover, using other people’s ideas in such condition, helps in relieving stress.

From this course, have learned ways of reducing stress which helps even in my future endeavors. Using this measures I can deal with stress by sleeping, involving in sporting activities as well as interacting with numerous people. My sickness was accelerated by failure to take enough water and sunlight since we stay under sheds of roofs in school. However, I worry that if io visits any healthcare sector and enquire for the test, the physicians who realize am not getting enough vitamin D which might lead to illnesses in the future. Therefore, I determine to ensure that I better my nutrition by considering the diet that I take. Similarly, when I get nervous, I go to stage one which is alarm and reaction through thinking quickly. I proceed to stage two that is resisting the stress and finally move to step three which is the dangerous stage of a hallucination. At this stage, it becomes difficult to overcome hence I can stay for months without coming out of the situation.

How do ideal with my stress? In class discussion, we talked about problem-based and emotional-based methods of relieving stress. I use a problem-based approach to identifying the cause of the stress and involve other people in helping in reducing the stress. My pessimistic way of thinking does not allow the use of the emotional-based approach. After visiting physician, I was given medicines for controlling depression. However, according to the class discussion, inability to cope with problem increases the level of depression as I do not realize the cause of the stress. I have understood depression is not a permanent disease hence it can be overcome by seeking assistance and learning how to cope with stress. The subject has helped in finding ways of ensuring better living through interacting with my classmates and my teacher.

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