Ten Essential Steps to a Strategic Public Relations Plan

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Identifying the target audiences of the primary organization: the PR corporation should decide the type and quality of the audience listing that can be brief and accurate, or long and complex. A simple listing can have names of significant individuals, businesses, cultures, while a composite list may have psychological demographic profiles for prospective purchasers of a particular product.
Recognizing the value of the company’s audience: Consequently, the audiences must be assessed with respect to their importance to the enterprise. It is important for the organization to provide critical intelligence about how and why the public in question impacts the business. Identifying the view that the firm want its audiences to have on it: The step ensures that the organization identifies the kind of the relationship it wants to have with its audiences. Therefore, organization must have a clear goal that it wants to accomplish by interacting with its fans.

4. Identifying the current audience’s view concerning the firm: The step ensures that the company acknowledges the ongoing relationship with its players. The firm should have accurate, non-ambiguous answers on the same.

5. Knowing the important issues and appeals to the audiences: The step concentrates on identifying the essential issues the audiences have to be able to understand their worries and develop the procedures to assist them.

6. Identifying the most trusted media by the audiences: Recognizing the right media ensures that only the most effective and efficient media is applied for reaching the target audiences. Hence, it means that the messages sent by the organization through those channels acquire a response to the public.

7. Identifying the variance between the current stakeholders’ view of the firm and the desired one: The company should compare the current view of the stakeholders with what they desire to have. The comparison enables the business to know which of its relationship is on track, and which one need adjustments.

8. Identifying the themes that will have the greatest implication on this audience: The organization seeks to determine the most effective ways to establish the additional linkages to their audience. It will improve a positive perception the audiences have towards the company.

9. Identifying the best means of reaching the target group: The firm needs to determine proper channels of reaching the audiences, and also, they should be affordable. It is advisable to list various means down, and come up with the most appropriate procedures.

10. Who will serve as the company’s primary contact for working with the audiences? Despite the fact that PR is concerned with all the firms’ relationships, the PR practitioners are always the most appropriate individuals to work with every audience. {444 words)

Surge in Uber Crises Lifted by Kalanick

The Uber CEO Travis Kalanick tarnished the Uber reputation, and most of the individuals have suffered losses due to the wrong action by the top management. Through the application of the ten steps of the PR strategic plan, the following are the appropriate procedures that need to be applied to improve the spoiled Uber image to the public.

The important step is to identify the interested audience. And to this case, it is the employees who had suffered significant losses, and one of them being Uber drive, Fawzi Kamel’s. Essentially, the prospective investors perception was affected. The next procedure is to acknowledge the importance of the concerned players by the Uber crises. The Uber workers and investors are the ones who makes the company make high profits.

In my plan, the third step is to identify the view that Uber want its employees to have on them. And at real sense, the company want them to have a positive image. The thing is capturing the exact view concerning Uber company by its employees. The view is negative and distorted. Uber employees see the organization as a wrong and non-caring firm. With this, as a PR, I will have identified the cries and the appeals of the employees. For example, they are incurring high losses due to the lowering fees decision by its CEO.

Uber is a multinational company; hence, the use of the internet through the social media platform is the most efficient means to reach out the angry employees. Discovering the variance between the current view and the desired view for the Uber stakeholders is the next strategy. The indifference is that the firm wants to compete with its competitors, at the expense of its workers who are making high losses. Therefore, the right theme that will bring positive implication to them is revising the transport charges and making sure they bring some resonate profits to the Uber staffs. The proper procedure to reach the audiences is through sending them direct emails, and direct calls to inform them about the revised fee for services, and also to apologize to them. Moreover, reviewing the application for payment processing will be appropriate.

Lastly, selecting the appropriate personnel to pass on the message. The strategic management caused the tarnishing of the Uber image, so, the apology messages and newly revised fee information should come from the top management, and if possible from its CEO Travis Kalanick. With the application of that procedure, the Uber reputation will be remolded. {416 words}

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