Teenagers and Birth control

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With statistics showing a 9% decline between 2013 and 2014, the pregnancy rate of teenagers decreased (“On Teen Pregnancy | Teen Pregnancy | Health Reproductivity | CDC”). Teenagers appear to lose concentration in life after birth and may become a social burden. During this point, most relationships are experimental and therefore do not have long-term plans. Thus, providing birth control to adolescents encourages them to select their partners correctly without getting trapped in accidental pregnancies and abortions that can bring their lives on danger. Birth control should indeed be given to the teenagers because it will not only benefit the economy but also allow teenagers to make the right choices of partners without being bogged down by unintended pregnancies and abortion which may risk their lives. Birth control should indeed be given to the teenagers because it will not only benefit the economy but also allow teenagers to make the right choices on matters family and child rearing.

Points for Birth Control

Birth control allows teenagers to concentrate on the things that matter the most. Teenagers should be concentrating on their studies and improving their lives and not delivering children and raise them. Besides, the teenagers that are on birth control may not be sexually active, and hence it may only serve as a means of safeguarding them. Pregnant teenagers burden their parents since they have to have now to take care of them and their new child (Chhabra and Naina 119). With birth control, the teenagers can hence focus on the things that matter the most which in the end improves the quality of their lives.

Birth control prevents unintended pregnancies to teenagers (Chhabra and Naina 119). Most of the children at this stage are just experimenting and hence have no long term intentions with their partners. Sexual activity is also likely to be high when the teenagers are dating, and this may lead to unintended pregnancies. Teenagers also residing in poor towns may become victims of rape since drug abuse seems to be high among the teenagers. Family planning hence ensures that the teenager is safeguarded from unintended pregnancy which may not only curtail her dream of becoming a better person in the future but also make her mature faster than her age.

Birth control allows teenagers to take charge of their lives and their sexuality. Pregnancy indeed affects the schedule of the new mother. In most case, the mother has to postpone school to nurture her baby at least for the first two years when the child needs most care. Chhabra and Naina (120) contends that a teenager with birth control in place can hence structure their lives well including when to study, finish school and even settle down. It is hence worth considering putting the teenagers on family planning because this prevents uncertainty and ensures they achieve set goals at their appropriate time.

Counter Argument

Parents should reinforce responsible behavior in their teenagers and not encourage family planning. It is indeed possible for the teenagers to abstain until they are married. Family planning may not always protect the teenagers from sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis and cervical cancer (Chhabra and Naina 122). Family planning leads to the notion that sex is safe while indeed it could be psychologically devastating especially after a break up. Family planning may also have long term negative effects such as bareness and cancer. Teenagers should hence be educated on abstinence and not on family planning until they are married.


Teenagers should indeed be on birth control. The children at this age are unable to make logical decisions, and the family planning shields them from harmful repercussions. Birth control makes the teenagers focus on their lives and improve on critical areas such as their studies and personality. Birth control prevents unintended pregnancies that give rise to abortion and even death. Finally, giving teenagers birth control gives them the power of their lives and hence they curve the future they want to have early on.

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