Technology and the Growth and Development of Character

This notion is aimed at investigating how the use of technology affects the personality or as a substitute the character of the user. This is in terms of how the character of an person grows, develops and shapes itself in relation to the said individual’s consumption of modern day technology. More so, this proposal will inspect the role that is played by an individual’s frequency of utilization of technological devices, the purpose they use them for and how attached or inseparable they are from these technological devices. This is an important problem because of the day and age the world is currently in and how big a phase of our day to day lives technology is becoming a part of.
At this time, a lot of information is available to a very large demographic. Information is being provided regardless of whom the information is being given to, how dangerous or critical the information is and most importantly, how the receiver intends to use this information. When this is narrowed down to the use of technological devices, in the same way, information is abundantly available on what tasks can be accomplished using which devices, how various technological devices are used, how they can be accessed and also how the use of a given technology can be customized to suit one’s desires. This proposal will be focused on persuading my classmates that the amount of control they have on their use of technological devices is directly related to the amount of control they have on their character and personal growth. This is because as much as technology is becoming a major part of our day to day lives, not many people realize its extent hence they do not see how much impact it has on their lives.


The audience of the proposal will be my classmates, who are in the age bracket that has the biggest consumption of technology. With the audience of my proposal being such a demographic, little or no orientation into this topic will be required for them. This is a generation that is seemingly more conversant than it should be with the use and utilization of various technologies in the world today. Furthermore the origin of the need to carry out such an investigation was essentially brought about by how much this generation knows concerning technology and how little they know on how to appropriately make use of all the knowledge that they already have. The audience being already familiar with this topic, the major task will be to change, guide or rather correct their view and help them learn the best way to make use or discard the knowledge freely presented to them.

However, in spite of how well informed the audience will already be on the topic, introduction and definition of terms will still be necessary for them; reason being that the current generation is filled with numerous kinds of slangs and short forms which might pose a challenge when expressing various points.


There are a number of areas concerning this topic that I will particularly lay more emphasis on as they are the most pivotal when it comes to such matters. The aspects of this topic that will be most dominant in the discussion are as follows; First off, will be the issue of the amount of time that users of technology allocate to specifically make use of their devices. Second will be addressing how dependent or in other terms how attached individuals are to their technological devices and much effect it would have on them if these devices are taken away from them. Thirdly, the results of the investigation will also address how the purpose of given technological device will or may affect an individual in the long run. Also, the investigation will lay an emphasis on how much control, if any, a certain technology should have on the user. Finally, the investigation will extensively cover the ways in which individuals should control how they use technology, the reasoning behind these solutions and most importantly how to implement these in such a way that they do not give way to new technologies to get hooked onto.

Away from the aspects of this topic that will lay more emphasis on, there are also a number of areas that this proposal will deliberately leave out so as to increase the effectiveness of the points that will be used to bring out the statement that that is the topic of the proposal. To begin with, the investigation will not expound on the existence of alternative technologies that the audience can take up as a way of curbing the ones that they are already hooked on to. The proposal will also not in any way imply to the audience that there are some technologies that are more helpful than others hence shifting their preferences. Finally, the proposal will not lay too much emphasis on entirely getting rid of technological devices as a way of curbing the current dependent on them.

The reason why the proposal will lay emphasis on some aspects of the issue while downplaying other aspects is because the purpose of the investigation and the solutions provided thereafter is to tactically and effectively show the audience that technology has more impact on them than they know and the importance of having control on their usage.


I intend to carry out a two week researching exercise that will be solely aimed at acquiring as much information as possible on the topic while compiling information from all the relevant sources. The research will involve observation, use of questionnaires both to classmates as well as individuals from a different age group who have separate views and finally online research from books, journals among other periodicals. For the remaining two weeks of the month of November, this time will partly be dedicated to organizing the results of the research that I will have carried out as well as the information I will have compiled by this time. This will take approximately one week to complete. The remaining week will be left for writing the presentation after keenly arranging all the points in order of importance. The remaining week before submission of the assignment will be used for revising, proofreading and editing the necessary parts of the paper.

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