Teaching Grammar

Grammar is a set of regulations governing the structure of clauses, phrases and words in the particular normal language. It is a significant aspect of communication that enables reading, listening, writing and speech and thus is taught to ensure that every announcement made in any communication is understood. This study focuses on the subject-verb agreement as an place common to the vast majority of English speakers. In specific fields, for example, business, educating and even tourism, the grammar that one uses are of importance since it attracts and ascertains the consumer or the customer commitment in the communication. This is made possible solely if the subject agrees with the verb in every premise used.

Teaching grammar is of an advantage as it enhances effective communication skills. Audience judge speakers based on the grammar used to make their points thus speakers should communicate effectively to attract their audience. This is enabled by using the right grammar. Grammar involves the use of suitable vocabulary to pass meanings acceptably. This makes the teaching of grammar a very imperious issue to consider.(Hudson, 2003), noted grammar is the foundation of English. As a second or foreign language, English is never acquired naturally. It requires one to follow its structure and instructions. Grammar thus makes one learn how to structure sentences and learn the governance of syntax. It enables one to understand variations in the speech of speakers, for example, some speakers can say ‘I didn’t do anything’ others say ‘I didn’t do nothing’ depending on the community context.

In conclusion, other areas of grammar such as punctuation, articles, adverbs, pronouns, adjectives and prepositions should also be taught together with the verbs to not only improve on the common grammar problems but also build on the phonology and morphology of word level and structure.


Hudson, R. (2003). English grammar. London: Routledge.

Thornbury, S. (2011). Grammar. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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