Tajmahal Movie Review

The movie was shot by Dagar Krishan and is about Tajmahal which is the significant mausoleum of the white sandstone constructed in Agra between 1648 and 1631. Tajmahal is the gemstone of the Muslim art in India constructed by decree of the Mughal king Shah Jahan in remembrance of favorite spouse and remains the worldwide admired masterpieces (Nalandatv n.p). Shah Jahan was previously known as Khurram however impressed his father with great troop successes of 1617 in Deccan which secured the southern territory. As a reward, his father Jahangir rewarded him with prestigious name Shah Jahan Bahadur which capability the king of the universe. For the construction of Tajmahal, inlayers, masons, carvers, stone-cutters, dome builders, calligraphers, painters and different artisans were brought from various parts of the empire (Nalandatv n.p).

The mausoleum is considered as the largest architectural attainment in the entire range of indo-Islamic structural design. Moreover, the art is regarded as the architectonic beauty due to the rhythmic combination of convex and concave, voids and solids as well as light shadow such as domes and arches to amplify the aesthetic aspect (Nalandatv n.p). Besides, the color mixture of blue sky and green scape pathway showcases the building in ever changing moods and tints. Also, the relief work in the inlay and marble with semi and precious stones makes the monument part. One of the genius planning on the construction of Tajmahal was the placement of the tomb at the terminal of the quadripartite backyard rather than on the center which increased perspective and depth to the far-away view(Nalandatv n.p). The memorial has the emphasis of the two-sided equilibrium along the innermost axis where the major features are placed.

Question 2: Islam in India

Islam entered India via the western coast when Arab merchants came to the coastal Konkan-Gujarat and Malabar in the 7th century. Traders would regularly sail to the Indian coast to sell goods such as gold, African items, and spices (Patel and Leonard 53). When Arabs started to convert to Islam, they moved with the new religion to the beaches of India. Cheraman Juma Masjid which is the initial mosque in India was built in 629 in Kerala. Through the constant trade between Indians and Arab Muslims, Islam was spread to the coastal towns and cities via conversion and immigration. The great expansion of Islam happened during the time of Umayyad Dynasty of caliphs who appointed Taif to extend the control into Sindh (Patel and Leonard 121). However, the Umayyad faced little resistance when they approached India and was welcomed by the Buddhist monks in Nerun which made most towns near Indus River become under the Muslim control. However, the people of Sindh were not forced to convert to Islam, but Muhammad bin Quasim had promised safety and religious liberty to all Buddhists and Hindus under his administration (Patel and Leonard 143).

Both Hinduism and Islam share some similarities based on their practices. Foremost, both religions agree that God has the knowledge and power to enforce and execute his will. It is mentioned in the Gita and Quran that God is the highest being and has authority over the world (Clarke 93). Moreover, both Hinduism and Islam believe in the responsibility of every person to each other as well as the practice of righteousness, charity, compassion, forgiveness, and moderation in drink and food. Additionally, both religions depict that there must be no compulsion in faith (Clarke 142).

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