System of Education in the U.S

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The country has not impressed where education is concerned, despite the many successes the USA has made. For others, the country’s education system is, in truth, mediocre. In terms of their education systems and results, smaller nations such as Finland, Canada and others are ranked above the United States as well. Sweden, Hungary and others are some of the countries that the United States has managed to beat in this region, as defined by the OECD countries’ international rankings. Because of the diverse and versatile education systems, top performers like Canada have continued to outperform the United States in academic success. Countries like Sweden and Hungary are ranked below the united states since their education systems are limited and centered or built around the ministries that are responsible for overseeing education only.

The differences in educational achievement can be explained by the performance of students both in schools and on the job market. Also, the homework load given to students can as well be used to explain the differences in educational achievements among the states mentioned above. The academic level of teachers and their commitment to the work can also be used as a measure of the educational achievement of the above countries. The type of curricula offered by their education systems can also be used to explain the differences.

The unites states can improve their educational system by first accepting and acknowledging teaching as a high-status profession the way Finland does. College education should be made completely free since many people in the United States fail to enroll for college education since they are unable to raise enough fees. Well, since Finland’s good performance has been facilitated by a varied and flexible education system, the United States should also try this particular education system.

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