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There are numerous explanations for the low productivity and poor performance of workers in any organization. Such a lack of interest in work may also be brought on by searching for ways to transfer to other workers. The priority for the manager is to coordinate the work of his subordinates correctly so that each of them is optimally loaded, does the tasks qualitatively and does not escape liability (Nurwati, 2013).
The argument that you can regulate what you can calculate only does not extend to all aspects of an organization’s work. Undoubtedly, one can control the data that can be measured by recording and creating of reports at the end of each month. It concerns any numerical indicators of the productivity of work, the duration of the working day and the overall results of the work of each individual employee. On the other hand, the compliance with working standards related to the quality of work, interpersonal relationships in organizations and organizational culture in the whole can be tracked by other methods. For instance, anonymous surveys, or surveillance using cameras, as well as biometric control that involves scanning fingerprints. Biometric access control and the installation of CCTV cameras are excellent ways to monitor the activities of subordinates. Due to the modern access control and tracking systems, an executive director would know for sure what his or her subordinates do, and also fully control access to the workplace.

If my subordinates want to get out of work for personal reasons, their work results must correspond to some standard. It implies a correct correlation between the amount of time spent at work, the quality of work, the cost of the work done and the amount of time that an employee spent on performing certain tasks. Thus, it is necessary to monitor the time spent at work by each employee. As it was mentioned before, it can be achieved by a biometric control at the beginning and end of the working day. However, card scanning at the entrance and at the exit might become an appropriate option for determination of the exact amount of time spent at work. Tracking the quality of the results of work is possible due to monthly assessment through a specific comparative scale. The scale implies the goals of the productivity and effectiveness of each employee and a comparison with the results achieved.

The labor cost of each employee can be determined by monitoring subordinate mid-level managers by keeping records of operational efficiency. The cost directly depends on the quality and if a subordinate performs his or her duties poorly, additional mentoring, training or replacement of an employee with another one, who would be more effective. The cost is directly related to the quality of products or services, and if the quality is not decent enough, it would make sense to reduce the rank of a certain employee or provide him or her with a mentor. Additionally, the fact that an employee is in the workplace does not mean that all this time he or she works. Nevertheless, the time spent is of great importance for the organization. Procrastination has a disastrous effect on an organization. The time spent working on projects and fulfilling their main duties can be monitored through video surveillance. In fact, this is a common practice for all high-ranking companies: monitoring the actions of employees through video surveillance can determine the effectiveness of each employee. This is not a violation of any personal rights, because the employee must work at the workplace, and not engage in personal matters.

Summing everything said above, it should be concluded that only by monitoring compliance with all requirements, as a executive manager, one can determine the quality of employees’ performing their duties and how often they have the right to leave work and ask for leave. Subordinates should continue submitting monthly reports on the number of hours spent at work. However, the top management should also monitor subordinates via cameras, a biometric or card system, and a mentoring system. Thus, it would become possible to develop a discipline at a workplace.


Nurwati (2013). “Effect of Management Control to Organizational Culture, Compensation, Work Behavior and Employees Performance. (Studies in the Village Unit Cooperatives (KUD) in Southeast Sulawesi)”. Journal of Business and Management v. 8(4), pp. 40-52.

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