Sustainable Strategy

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One noteworthy sustainable strategy I noticed during the tour used to be the collection of stormwater. The campus is designed in such a way that rainwater is harvested in five rain gardens. One of the environmental results of this strategy is that it enables the campus to accumulate rainwater for recycling and irrigation purposes. Additionally, this strategy also has the have an effect on of self-sustainability whereby the water collected can be used within the campus. For example, wastewater is dealt with on-site in a process that mimics nature. In essence, I estimate that this strategy enhances the journey of walking through the constructing particularly when one gets to appear at how the rain gardens work.
Moreover, I find that another sustainable method could be the use of renewable energy. Particularly, Eden Hall has more than four hundred solar panels that help in meeting some of the energy requirements in the campus. One of the ways in which it impacts on the building’s users is that they can use as much solar energy so without straining the university resources, For example, the solar panels produce over 126,000 kilowatts which can be used for purposes such as warming water. I believe that if Eden Hall enhances its energy sustainability initiatives in future, it will reduce its dependence on non-renewable sources of energy.

One of the aspects that find interesting about the building is that the designers focused on different areas of sustainability. Indeed, the building’s sustainability focuses on areas such as food, agriculture, water and energy. In essence, I find this interesting as these different aspects contribute to the overall sustainability of the building. In general, I believe that Eden Hall can act as a model for other building that want to implement sustainability initiatives

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