Sustainable Landscapes Phipps Center

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During my trip to Phipps Center for Sustainable Landascapres, I learned about multiple sustainability techniques implemented by the institution. I realized that the institution produces electricity, renewable energy. The sun and wind are the foremost sources of the energy with 125kW solar array and vertical axis wind mills being used in the process. The power produced is enough to strength ten houses. The institution has significantly minimized the emission of carbon dioxide, as is the case when fossil fuels are used. Carbon dioxide is implicated in the improvement of global warming, which is adversely affecting life on earth.
Secondly, the water conservation and remedy program is another instance of the sustainability strategies in the organization. Up to 3.25 million gazillions of rainwater water are collected every year and stored in underground tanks. After using the water, it is treated through the natural process in a lagoon system while the run-off water from rainfall is directed to rain gardens on the site. Additionally, sanitary water from the building is treated in their own constructed wetlands. The water treatment program helps to clean water through the natural process, unlike the other methods where chemicals, which are harmful to life, are used. The process of recycling water enhances sustainability, as wastage is minimized.
Personally, I found the ventilation and air conditioning system utilized by the institution interesting. The organization has fourteen 155 meters-boreholes, which help to keep the building temperatures like that of the ground (15 degrees). Another exciting aspect of the institution is the notification system that tracks the conditions and signals on whether to open the windows. Such was particularly interesting because it saves one the struggle of controlling the temperatures and flow of fresh air within the institution_x0092_s buildings.

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