sustainable design principles

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The phrase “sustainable design” has been used in a number of contexts. Graphic design, fashion design, architectural design, and interior design are examples of these. This type of method incorporates an environmentally sustainable approach as well as taking natural capital into account. The Virginia chapter president of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) recognized it as the architecture of buildings to coexist harmoniously with natural systems (Bilge, et, al., 2016). This subject’s philosophy provides a platform that applies to different companies, non-governmental organizations, and governmental entities to facilitate the achievement of a better future for the human race when they consume little volumes of the earth’s resources. Corporates, institutions, and states that embrace advanced strategies in this field enjoy divers chances of its application. The paper explores some of the principles of designed employed in the architectural where my house in Ottawa has been used to illustrate some of the principle of the designed.

Professionals in this realm need to understand how critical their role is to sustain the world. It is incumbent upon them to solve problems and come up with products and services that provide innovative solutions. If the critical issues’ facing our planet by irresponsible consumption of our heritage is put into consideration, practitioners play a crucial part by availing answers to these threats and replacing obsolete substances with new and long-term ideas that are environmentally friendly and minimizes waste. The holistic approach perspective within an organization can potentially unlock untapped capabilities producing useful results Mohammadi, K., Sobouti, H., & Branch, Z. (2016).

Principle of design for my house in Ottawa

Ottawa, a place where my home is based at, is one of the most renowned parts of the United States of America headquartered in Illinois State. The city is located at the confluence of River Illinois and Fox River and is elevated at 482 feet with 41021’04″N 88050’16” W map coordinates. The region has persistently developed since 1818 to be one the most famous and celebrated areas which have played a significant role in the development of the Illinois state. Ottawa is 33km2 in size with water taking up 2km2 as the remaining area is dry land. The 2013 census statistics points out that the city has a population of 18562 averaging up to a population density of 1547 per square meter. The statistics show that approximately 23% of the population is made of young populace aged lower than 18 years as 16% of the population composed the aging population consisting of persons of more than 65 years of age. Females make up to 51% of the general population as the city racial makeup consists of 93% whites, 2% African-Americans as other ethnic groups make up to 5% of the total demographic population. The area has an average of 7841 households each household averaging to 2.5 persons with a mean household yearly income of $47480.

The geographical placement of the region coupled with the fact that the region is bordered by two rivers, Illinois and Fox, have seen the temperatures of the area go extremely gold at times. Ottawa has a semi-continental climate characterized by sometimes warm, at times humid summer at most times frigid winter. The climatic condition of the region keeps changing as time goes by (Huang, & Hung, 2016). Global warming is playing a fundamental role in the changing climatic conditions of the region resulting in the rising level of water bodies and warmer temperatures as compared to the previously known temperatures. The ever changing climatic conditions are also under the drastic influence of natural forces such as changes in solar radiation, ocean circulations and volcanoes (Farid, Zaglou, & Dewidar, 2016). However, it can be noted with certainty that humans are the primary drivers of climatic change and environmental degradation. Human activities such as green-housing, open-field agriculture, and factory works have as well played a significant role in alternating environmental factors. However, it is vital to consider that the household activities such as the use of electricity, gas as a source of energy, oil heating and wooden pallets amongst other factors form part of significant factors leading to climatic change. Ottawa is a region characterized by numerous trees, flower gardens, evergreen fields and highly graded hygienic environmental factors. Such endowed climatic and sanitary conditions need to be cherished and taken care of. Each household has been identified to impact on the environment adversely at a particular rate.

My house is located on the eastern side of the city, which is made up of densely populated households. My house is a mansion which is relatively larger with eight rooms and a balcony, painted white and with red roofing within a home compound of 1500m2. The house has four occupants consisting of my father, my mother, and my twin sister. The family has a car, electricity, and a fully functioning gas operated kitchen. My home is neighbored by five homes each with a minimum of three occupants and a maximum of 5 occupants each with at least one car and all having fully equipped methane-run kitchens. My home is located approximately 10 meters from the main road. As such, the home is at times adversely affected by noise and fumes from automobiles. Additionally, my home is situated on the lower sides of the sloppy land terrain hence in most cases, natural factors such as floods adversely affect the home. During winter, the home experiences high levels of ice which blocks major pathways within and outside the home compound thereby adversely affecting the trees and the green grass within the compound. The distressing elevated levels of ice also results into numerous adverse factors to my home such as increased jam and clamor on the main road.

In conclusion, just like another artist, the architecture need to follow given the principle of architectural design to come up with unique magnificent. However, this might require much effort such having the needed patient and skills to perfect the design. Such has been evidenced by much architectural designed which has remained as one of the outstanding architectural design in the world. For instance, the Chinese are well known worldwide for their unique design which has become an epitome of what many architectural designers admire.



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